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Fast non-bank loan It has long been one of the leaders on the Czech non-bank credit market. No wonder – this loan had a relatively strong advertising campaign, plus very interesting and beneficial conditions that made it a very attractive alternative to competing non-bank products for a lot of people. In this article, we will summarize the core parameters of this loan, its greatest strengths, and the negatives, and also explain how you can pick up your money at Stecmo’s newsagents that work with Truloan.

Loan basics:

Loan basics:

  • Loan Name: Loan Truloan
  • Credit type: non-bank, short-term, fast
  • Loan amount: from CZK 1,000 to CZK 25,000
  • Maturity: minimum 7, maximum 30 days
  • Restrictions for new clients: yes, they can get a maximum of 8,000 CZK for the first time
  • Loan Settlement Speed: Lightning, you can have money in your account within 15 minutes
  • Loan payment: either by transferring to your bank account or in cash on hand in Stecmo’s newsagents
  • Free loan option: Yes, up to CZK 8,000, but only for new clients
  • Approval: Very high, almost everyone has a chance

Loan and maturity charges:

Loan and maturity charges:

With the exception of the first new client loan, which is free of charge and no charge or interest is charged on it, fees are charged for each subsequent loan application. You can easily find out using the Truloan credit calculators.

With respect to maturity, this is the same for each loan – you can always set a loan maturity of 7 to a maximum of 30 days. Of course, depending on the length of the maturity, the amount of fees is also based, so the faster you repay the loan, the cheaper you are.

Extension and fee for the loan:

For small and short-term non-bank loans, it is common for clients to extend them after paying a small fee. The same is true for the Truloan loan, where you can move your due date by up to 30 days. The advantage is that it is possible to extend the loan repeatedly, but you can do so within one year from the first due date – then you will have to repay it. However, frequent extensions make you unnecessarily expensive, so if at least possible, try to repay the loan in due time.

Biggest Advantages of Loan Truloan:

Biggest Advantages of Loan Truloan:

The non-bank loan Truloan is clearly dominated by its positives over negatives. In particular, we appreciate:

  • easy access to the loan and convenient arranging through the website
  • the opportunity to withdraw money in cash at Stecmo’s newsagent network
  • the first free loan for all new clients
  • possibility to extend the loan maturity by up to one month if necessary
  • client loan account account Truloan, where you can easily check and manage your loan
  • fast processing of the application and fast payment of funds to the account
  • arranging a loan without the need for any guarantor, pledge, etc.
  • fixed interest rate, which does not change in the course of repayment

Loan Negative Truloan:

Of course, the Truloan loan is not perfect and there are some disadvantages to it. For example:

  • higher interest rates
  • the need to send a verification fee ($ 0.01) from your bank account
  • short maturity of the loan – even for repeated loans, it is a maximum of only 30 days

To whom the Loan will pay the most:

Fast and Short Term Loan is a great and convenient option especially for those who ask for it for the first time – they can get this loan for free and all they have to do is pay it in time – then they won’t be charged or paid for credit will not spend an extra crown. The loan from Truloan is also interesting for those who prefer cash withdrawals – you can also choose a loan in the Stecmo network of newsstands. Among those for whom the Truloan loan is interesting, we can include applicants who need to raise money as quickly as possible and without the lengthy paperwork or, for example, those who cannot obtain credit from the bank.

How to Choose a Loan Turned on Stecmo:

If you do not want to send money to a bank account, but for whatever reason you have a better cash withdrawal for you, you can apply for a Truloan with a Stecmo newsagent. This application is submitted on the website, where a short form is filled in by the person interested in the loan. In it, first enter your mobile phone number, which is then sent to you with an SMS message with a four-digit verification code. You will then write it into the prepared field on the monitor and fill in other required data – remember that you must provide the address you have in your ID card as the address. Then you simply set the required amount of loan and its maturity, you can check if you have everything filled in correctly and you have not made a mistake and send the request for processing. You will then receive a text message on your mobile with information on how to proceed. Then just go to the Stecmo branch where you submit your ID card, sign a credit agreement and get the money paid out on your hand.

Company Client Experience:

Company Client Experience:

We asked former clients of Truloan how they were satisfied with this loan. Here are their answers:

So I was 100% satisfied – so far I didn’t even know that it was possible to get a loan for free. At first I thought there would be some catch in it, but it was not – I borrowed CZK 8,000, returned to CZK 8,000 in the month and did not want any fee for me at all. So my experience with Truloan is great, I have already recommended it to my friends. (Marie, 52 years old, Beroun)

I am a long-term satisfied client of this company. The loan is totally reliable, fast and the fees are not high, at least when I compare them with a number of competing credit firms. So far, everything has gone perfectly smoothly, and I don’t think of anything that bothered me about the loan. Well, maybe the fees might be a little lower, but I’m not complaining – the loan really suits me. 

Well, it’s just a safe bet – I’ve borrowed them three times and never let me down. Although it is a fact that the bank gets a much lower interest, but not every bank lends. It does not lend it to everyone, but the chances of you not rejecting it here are really high. I can definitely recommend this non-bank loan, especially to those who have not yet had it – for the first time it is free.

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