10 exciting things to do in São Miguel, Azores

The beautiful archipelago of the Azores includes Sao Miguel, the largest island in Portugal. The Azores islands offer plenty to do, magnificent flora, beautiful waterfalls and numerous beaches. Visitors from all over the world come to Sao Miguel because of its beautiful natural surroundings. Ilha Verde, which translates to “Green Island”, is the name given to the island because of its lush surroundings. Due to its breathtaking Atlantic coastline and picturesque towns, this region is attractive.

Ponta Delgada, the island’s capital, radiates European urban brilliance from its bustling plazas and houses with balconies. The island is famous for its diverse cuisine, exciting experiences and stunning landscape. Sao Miguel has something to offer every type of traveler, from the world’s most spectacular vistas and backdrops to charming villages, fantastic hikes and relaxing hot springs.

10/10 Perspectives

Very few places on the island of Sao Miguel do not have breathtaking views. For the best scenery on the island, tourists can soar into the sky and soar above. It is common to encounter beautiful lakes, vast meadows, charming villages and majestic cliffs that overlook the ocean. Anyone who sees a sign announcing a “miradouro” should make sure to take the opportunity to stop and investigate it. High caliber miradouros can be seen in abundance on the island of Sao Miguel.

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9/10 Visit Furnas

Visitors can go to peaceful village of Furnas to see fascinating volcanic eruptions. You can find calderas, or sulfur vapor springs, all over the city. Locals use these calderas to cook food and drink the mineral-rich local spring water. The famous Terra Nostra Garden is located in the area, and its mineral-rich thermal pool is a much-loved feature. Tourists should wear old bathing suits as the mineral composition of the water could turn their skin and outfit orange.

8/10 Travel to the seven mythical cities

Some claim that the pretty daughter of the Sovereign of the Seven Cities was in love with a shepherd. The shepherd and the princess developed an affection for each other, but the princess was engaged to a royal from another kingdom. Therefore, her father forbade any further interaction between them. Before they ended things, her father allowed her to pass with the child one last time, and their cries made two lakes, one blue and one green. There are several viewpoints and two main routes to discover the lakes. The most scenic spot on the island is through one of two heavily traveled trails. We follow the edge of the Caldera, passing by the two lakes and the village of Sete Cidades.

7/10 Eat Cozido

From best food in sao miguel the island is the cozido. If you only try one dish during your visit, choose this one. The delicious creature is prepared by simmering it in broth for 6-8 hours in a pot buried inside a Caldera. The meat flakes with a fork and has a sulfuric undertone. It’s juicy and succulent, and the mix of meats, potatoes, and cabbage gives it a complex flavor. The smell of sulfur is barely noticeable. There are many popular delicious dishes in the Azores. Although stewing pots, or calderas, are plentiful throughout Furnas, this local meal is not. The Terra Nostra Hotel and Anthony’s are two great places to eat this meal.

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6/10 Climb the highest peak

Pico de Vara, the highest peak on the island, may offer the best hiking opportunities. With a altitude of 1,103 meters, Pico da Vara, the highest peak of Sao Miguel, is accessible by this road. It crosses the Pico da Vara Nature Reserve, a conservation area for the protection of the fauna and habitats of Tronqueira e Planalto de Graminhais. This is because only a certain number of people are allowed to undertake the climb each day. Along with the stunning views, this journey also passes two shrines honoring two aviation tragedies. So relax, take it easy and enjoy being surrounded by nature.

5/10 Spend Time In Ribeira Dos Caldeirões

If you love visiting waterfalls but don’t want to spend effort and energy hiking them, Ribeira dos Caldeiroes sounds like a great place. Visitors can see some of the most beautiful waterfalls on the island in this natural park. There are trails for anyone who wants to hike or walk around the area, but they can reach two magnificent waterfalls in a short time. The park is perfect for family trips due to its well-maintained construction and landscape. There are picnic areas, snack bars, gift shops and restrooms available.

4/10 The Salto Do Cabrito waterfall is worth the hike

The breathtaking waterfall Cascata do Salto do Cabrito is located in Ribeira Grande. People can get to the waterfall using one of two paths. An alternative is to descend a fairly steep hill from the initial parking area to the waterfall, and visitors will also have to hike straight away. The ascent takes a little longer than the descent, which lasts about 15 minutes. The easiest way to get to the waterfall is to park your car in the second parking lot next to the waterfall and walk over it.

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3/10 Observing Ribeira Grande

Sao Miguel’s second largest town, Ribeira Grande, is about a 20-minute drive from Ponta Delgada. The picturesque Lagoa do Fogo, among the seven wonders of Portugal due to its wild beaches, is located in Ribeira Grande, a city and municipality with a topographic diversity unparalleled in the world. While Ribeira Grande lacks several Ponta Delgadas, its many beautiful lookouts still make for a delightful stroll and a delicious supper. The location offers stunning ocean views as well as a convenient resting place.

2/10 Go see a real pineapple farm

The Azores Pineapple Farm is a quick and easy destination to explore near Ponta Delgada. It’s always fascinating to see and taste “the biggest pineapples in the world”. Visitors can take a free, self-guided tour of the Azores Pineapple Farm using QR codes to look around the many greenhouses and observe pineapples in different stages of development. When visitors are ready, they can stop by the cafeteria to enjoy free jam and fruit liqueur. Instead of a sizable farm with vast fields of pineapples, it’s a collection of greenhouses. But it’s still worth a detour.

1/10 Witness the stunning architecture of local churches

In one of the many towns on the island of Sao Miguel, one can find one of the magnificent churches that adorn the landscape. Churches usually feature a white stucco facade with a black border, although this is not unusual. Although the churches vary widely, they all function as architectural landmarks for their particular neighborhoods and generally have stunning interiors to complement their beautiful exteriors. Some of the most popular and beautiful churches on the island of Sao Miguel include Igreja Matriz de São Sebastião, Igreja de São Nicolau, Igreja do Santo Cristo and Nossa Senhora da Paz.

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