12 songs, 12 languages, from 12 world cultures unleashed on “Transcending Boundaries”

12 songs, 12 languages, from 12 world cultures went wild at ‘Transcending Boundaries’ – a music concert featuring songs by ESHAN FERNANDES from Vancouver, Canada arranged by MANDD SOBHANN to mark WORLD MUSIC DAY 2022

Mangaluru: It was a unique concert experience for Mangaluru music lovers, where they were treated to different types of music from all over the world. It was an opportunity to be exposed to the sounds of music from various cultures and nations around the world in 12 songs, featuring 12 languages. And the Concert was “TRANSCENDING BOUNDARIES” which was an attempt to go beyond its language and affirm the universality of music.

And the YOUNG MAN behind this unique musical treat was ESHAN FERNANDES, a Mangaluru origin who is currently pursuing his studies in Materials Engineering at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. He is the son of Alwyn Fernandes, a master guitarist from Mangaluru and the grandson of Eric Ozario, Mandd Sobhann’s Gurkar.

Eshan’s true passion, however, lies in the study of history, linguistics, and other factors that manifest humanity, culture, and belief. Taking Konkani to international heights is another goal he wishes to pursue, and for this purpose he researches the Konkani language, Konkani arts, history, culture and traditions. And to unleash his musical talents, Eshan had chosen the right day which marks the “International Music Day or World Music Day”, celebrated every year on June 21 to honor musicians and singers. The day also encourages young and amateur musicians to give a live demonstration of their talent to the public – and ‘Transcending Boundaries’ was perfectly suited.

LR: Alwyn Fernandes, Stephen Frank, Eshan Fernandes & Melwyn Fernandes

This year, the theme for World Music Day 2022 was “Music at Intersections”, and music lovers on June 21, 2022 celebrated their love of music by attending concerts/plays or simply listening to the music they love – and locally Mangalurun music lovers were treated to a unique music concert performed by Eshan and his band, at ‘Transcending Boundaries’ held at Kalaangann, Shakthinagar, Mangaluru on Tuesday 21st June 2022 at 6.30pm .

The concert captivated the packed audience as Eshan performed 12 songs in 12 languages ​​from 12 different cultures around the world, giving the evening in the auditorium a truly international flavor. Drawing inspiration from his grandfather Eric Ozario – the tireless crusader of Konkani language and culture; and also from his father Alwyn Fernandes, an internationally renowned guitarist, Eshan carried Mandd Sobhann’s vision of thinking locally and dreaming globally to rare heights. Interestingly, all three are self-taught musicians, although they have been associated with legendary poets and musicians.

In one of the few concerts that Mangaluru music lovers have experienced, Eshan sang songs in rare languages, such as Bambara, Cape Verdean Creole, Hebrew and Armenian, not to mention a soulful Chafra song. and Eric in Konkani, and even a song written by Eshan. himself in Kazhak. In these songs, Eshan spoke of love and peace, joy and sorrow, pain and forgiveness, loss and recovery, human journeys, the desire to belong, accompanied by sensitive and scholarly commentary on the linguistic and historical contexts of these songs.

Transcending Boundaries featured 4 P’s – Pulse (Alwyn Fernandes on guitar), Piano (Stephen Frank), Percussion (Melwyn Fernandes) and Paint (Wilson Souza), who came together to create a truly magical and unforgettable evening, and international event rare – a FIRST of its kind in Kodiyal aka Kudla aka Mangaluru – the Rome of the East!

The tracklist for the evening was- Bambara (Bakonoba); Arabic (Kalaam); Swedish (Den Standiga Resan); Italian (Jules); Portuguese-Creole (Odjus Fitxadu); Konkani (Birnddam); Spanish (Todas Las Palabras); Hindustani (Tujhe Bhuka Diya); English (full); Kazakh (Mundastarim); Hebrew (Balaya) and Armenian (Es Kulam).

Apart from the musical artists who gave their best, another star attraction of the evening was art designer Wilson Souza, who mesmerized the audience with his artistic talents as a hand painter, where he captured songs on canvas. Born in Kayyar, Kasargod district, Wilson is an alumnus of Mahasala School of Art, Mangaluru. He was honored at Konkani Janapad Utsav by Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Academy and received Sadhana Award by Emirates Konkans.

Wilson believes in creating art that inspires. Her paintings have a bold theme and focus primarily on feminine themes capturing the interplay of nature and the female form. Wilson’s romance with feminine themes became his trademark narrative style. It is characterized by semi-abstract strokes of bright colors, making it an amalgamation of fantasy and reality.

His twelve artistic paintings were auctioned at the end of the show, where each painting fetched a price of between Rs 10,000 and Rs 12,000, and one bidder Roy Castelino, the founder of Mandd Sobhann and former state president from Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Academy, who won a painting for Rs 10K, supporting a good cause. Mrs. Gloria Veigas was at the head of the auction, who did her best to convince and motivate the crowd to support a good cause.

Eric Ozario gave the paintings to the highest bidder and thanked them for their generosity. Louis Pinto, President of Mandd Sobhann congratulated Eshan, Alwyn, Stephen, Melwyn and Wilson with a bouquet of flowers. The program has been meticulously and professionally prepared by Dr. Ravishankar Rao, a former English professor at Mangalore University and a great Toastmaster.

In conclusion, this unique performance by Eshan backed by Alwyn, Stephen and Melwyn was filled with a power that brought life and dynamism to the music, and together they tore it apart with overwhelming intensity, and this team whose personal connection gives poignancy to their music and spark to their performances. They had a colorful embodiment of talent that spread positivity around them, and their performances and music brought a fresh feeling that gripped the listener with newfound energy. Their music was so well blended that the audience felt its sweet consistency like honey. The power of every song performed was simply outstanding – awesome vocals, awesome instrument arrangement. Simply superb; Good music. The artists were brilliant at what they did.

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