April showers are rare for Fife

April showers were rare in Fife, as it only recorded 33mm of rain in April, making it the driest county in Scotland.

Met Office figures show Sutherland was at the other end of the graph with 132mm of rain recorded, making it the wettest place in the country. Generally, the north of Scotland received an average of 111mm of rain during the month, around double the amount in the south.

Dumfries was dry at just 49mm, which is on par with the rest of the UK. Overall, Scotland recorded 92% of the average rainfall with 85.7mm.

Renfrewshire had the highest average temperature at 8 degrees Celsius, which was also the UK average. However, the mercury dropped for Shetland and Aberdeenshire which did not all record averages above 6 degrees Celsius.

The Southwest was the sunniest. Wigtown had over 190 hours of sunshine in April, with Ayrshire and Kirkcudbright not far behind at 180 hours. It dimmed further north, with Sutherland recording just 111 hours of sunshine and Inverness 116 hours.

Tweeddale was the coldest place with 10 days of air freezing compared to Orkney and the Western Isles, which had three days of freezing or less.

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Further south in England there was a third less rainfall than average, with parts of southern England particularly dry. The average was 48.9mm, 68% of the long-term average, but still above last year’s thirsty 20.6mm and 30mm of rain recorded in April 2020.

Dr Mark McCarthy of the National Climate Information Center said: ‘High pressure was the main influence of the UK weather in April 2022, resulting in a good spell of calm calm weather, particularly in the south .

“Although there was some rain in northern areas earlier in the month, the Azores High helped push back any lingering incursion of unstable weather earlier in the month. Later another high pressure system remained dominant , but this time more centered towards Scandinavia or Iceland. What this mainly did was create a good amount of clear skies while keeping the rain out. It also resulted in a mix of high temperatures above average and below average minimum temperatures overnight.

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