Ayorkor Botchwey calls for strengthening the Ghana-São Tomé and Príncipe relationship


Ms. Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, called for deepening long-standing cordial relations between Ghana and São Tomé and Príncipe.

She said the prospects for mutually beneficial cooperation between the two nations looked bright.

“We believe that the bonds of friendship between our two countries today form the basis for our people and our businesses to take advantage of the larger market that we represent together,” said Yorkor Botchwey during a visit courtesy to Madame Edite Ten Juan, Minister of Foreign Affairs. Business of Sao Tome and Principe in the city of São Tomé.

“Our deeper cooperation will allow our two countries to take advantage of our continent’s rapidly changing economic landscape.”

Madam Ayorkor Botchwey said that new continental agreements and instruments, such as the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), the Single African Air Transport Market and the Protocol on the Free Movement of Persons open the possibility of a program ambitious progress for the peoples. of Africa, of which they must seize the moment.

This, she said, means working together, drawing on their different strengths and abilities to create opportunities but also to take advantage of new opportunities.

“I consider the strengthening of relations with Sao Tome in all areas as an important step in this direction,” she said.

She said she was delighted that their two governments were united in their purpose and vision of the appropriate framework that would guide their interactions in a focused and determined manner, in order to take full advantage of this partnership.

She welcomed the technical level consultations that had taken place to enable their two countries to sign four instruments.

These include the General Cooperation Agreement between the Government of Ghana and the Government of Sao Tome and Principe; areas of cooperation such as trade, agriculture, mining, education and scientific research, cultural activities, health, transport, tourism, small and medium-scale artifacts, youth and sports, ICT and energy.

There was a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for political consultations between the government of Ghana and the government of Sao Tome and Principe.

After the MoU, there was also an agreement between the Government of Ghana and the Government of Sao Tome and Principe regarding the waiver of visa requirements for holders of diplomatic, service / official and ordinary passports.

There has been another Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Ghana and the Government of Sao Tome and Principe on cooperation in the field of tourism and artistic culture.

Madam Ayorkor Botchwey said that the implementation of these agreements as soon as they were signed had become all the more urgent as the COVID-19 pandemic had pushed their countries back.

“Ghana is ready to deepen its engagement with Sao Tome and Principe in all areas of bilateral cooperation, including trade and investment,” she said.

She said she was convinced that with their agreement they would have launched a new era of more dynamic engagement between their two countries, for the mutual benefit of our two peoples.

“Indeed, my presence here in Sao Tome and Principe, and the agreement reached to sign these four important instruments, amply demonstrate our political will and our readiness to work together, assiduously, to deepen our relations”, he said. she declared.

“While we are giving effect to our commitment to see the multiplication of partnerships between our two countries, through the signing of these four agreements, I take this opportunity to invite the economic operators of Sao Tome to consider Ghana, a member of the 350 million of the West African economic community, as a destination for investment and trade. “

She said that on the multilateral front, Ghana and Sao Tome and Principe had demonstrated a common conviction for the maintenance of international peace and security, including the defeat of violent extremism on the continent. .

“We also share common positions on the sustainable management of the environment and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals as well as the safe, orderly and regular migration of our citizens, Ghana will continue to collaborate with Sao Tome and Principe, especially in the next two years when we assume a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, ”said Ayorkor Botchwey.

She reiterated her firm conviction that their cooperation and deep affinity for integrated and integrated Africa was the surest way to achieve the socio-economic transformation of their countries and the well-being of their peoples.

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