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Darren Bett predicts warm weather for parts of southeastern Europe while much of the continent remains cold. The BBC meteorologist added that he threatened to flood parts of Spain, France and Switzerland as the rainy weather developed in Europe.

Mr Bett said: “The parts of south-eastern Europe are still warm enough for this time of year and that heat may well build up.

“For many other parts of Europe, it is still cold for the end of April, an area of ​​cloud has produced rain.

“This rain is going to make its way into these Baltic states, we will end up with an uneven trail of rain and possibly thundery downpours all the way to the Alps.

“The regions of south-eastern Europe are where we have the high temperatures, there will be a hot sun in there.

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“We have a line of potentially heavy showers and north of that the air is much cooler across Scandinavia and parts of northern and western Europe in general.”

He added: “There is a developing rainy weather which could affect Barcelona for some time, certainly more in the center of the south of France and threaten flooding which will make its way into Switzerland.”

The BBC’s long-term forecast from 3 to Sunday 9 May called for strong pressure to push the heat towards the UK and Europe.

The BBC forecast read: “April appears to end on a more volatile note with scattered showers and light winds expected before drier weather develops in early May.

“For the first week of May, the subtropical peak is expected to strengthen and push into western Europe, which will bring northwesterly winds for a while and help keep temperatures a little below average, at least in beginning of the week.

“As the high pressure system moves east towards mainland Europe, our cold northerly winds will be cut off and warmer Atlantic air will be able to infiltrate from the west.

“By the end of the week, temperatures should start to moderate and could be slightly above average.

“Throughout this time, the high pressure will tend to keep things rather dry, maybe even drier than you would expect at this time of year.”

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