Cape Verdean model can’t let ticket prices stop her

BROCKTON – The travel blues and inflation are rocking the nation, and Brockton is feeling the brunt as airfare prices rise – but one resident isn’t letting that stop her travel escapades.

Traveling freelance model Melissa Moreno frequently flies to Green cap with his family, despite rising prices.

Moreno spends time having adventures in Tarrafal, the northern part of Santiago Island, swimming in the warm ocean and overlooking the mountains near the sea.

In Cape Verde, the family owns a restaurant and event space Tok De Artethe theft is therefore necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the business.

As a freelance model, Moreno goes to concerts to expand her portfolios and hopes to one day rely solely on modeling as a source of income.

Brockton freelance model Melissa Moreno visits Tarrafal, Cape Verde in March 2022.

When Moreno travels with his family, they spend a month basking in the sun and sipping coconut water by a raging waterfall.

“Spending two weeks there is never enough. Every day there is something new to do and beautiful things to see,” said Moreno.

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The model is feeling the travel blues that many people are experiencing with price increases, but suggests people book their flights months in advance.

“The average ticket price is around $1,000, so I find it convenient to plan ahead and secure the best deal,” Moreno said.

This month, Cape Verde tickets range from $1,200 to $3,000 online.

Brockton freelance model Melissa Moreno visits Tarrafal, Cape Verde in March 2022.

Inflation hit its highest level in 40 years in May, with prices for travel, gas, food and rent rising across the board.

Prospects for travel to Haiti and Cape Verde

Manuela Santos, owner of MS Travel & Services, a travel agency in Brockton, said she had never seen flight prices so high before.

Santos has worked in the travel industry for over 26 years and started working in Cape Verde when he was 18.

Santos came to America and started her own business in the travel industry in 1996.

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“I notice people don’t care about spending $2,000 on a plane ticket lately. They just want to go, but there are no seats to buy,” Santos said.

“I think people travel so much now because we were closed for two years. So some people were able to save a lot of money by not going out as much. COVID changed everything,” Santos said.

Flights to Haiti were also affected. Santos said a flight that usually costs between $300 and $600 now costs $1,500 with few seats available.

Brockton freelance model Melissa Moreno took this photo in Tarrafal, Cape Verde in March 2022.

Travel Agent recommends finding an agent to book your next trip or playing around with dates online.

Sometimes the price drops depending on the day, but not by much, she said.

“People traveling to Cape Verde now with an $800 ticket bought that ticket last year. So booking ahead saves a lot of money,” Santos said.

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