Carbo Verde and Seychelles discuss diaspora engagement

The Diaspora and Consular Affairs Division of the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tourism organized a virtual meeting this afternoon with their counterparts in Cape Verde to exchange information on the engagement of the diaspora.

As the Department strengthens its diaspora unit, it has requested assistance from Cape Verde, which has a well-established structure for diaspora engagement. The exchange to gain knowledge and share experiences included presentations from both parties, mainly from Cape Verde, on the historical development of Cape Verdean emigration, national migration policies and programs for the Cape Verdean diaspora.

This exchange was also an opportunity to strengthen the relations and capacities of Cape Verde and Seychelles and to develop migration programs in the context where both countries are small island developing States. It was also agreed to explore the possibility of carrying out reciprocal study trips to Cape Verde and the Seychelles to further consolidate this process.

Giving more importance to the role and contribution of the diaspora in the socio-economic development of the country, the government of Seychelles, with the support of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), should develop a national policy as that it intensifies its diaspora. commitment.

Ana Jaqueline Marques da Silva, Special Advisor to the Minister for Communities, led the Cape Verde delegation, accompanied by senior officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Regional Integration.

While Jacques Belle, Director General of Consular and Diaspora Affairs led the Seychelles delegation, alongside senior officials from the Department, representatives from the Department of Employment, the Department of Industry and the Chamber of Commerce and ‘Industry.

A representative of IOM was also present at the meeting.

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