Declaration of the Gard on HEROIC IDUN

The background to the serious difficulties currently faced by the HEROIC IDUN crew in Equatorial Guinea is described in the following statement issued by the ship’s managers, OSM, Norway.

The Gard is deeply concerned for the health, safety and well-being of the crew given the prolonged detention and mistreatment to which they have been exposed. In addition, the crew now faces possible rendition in Nigeria, where they will likely face lengthy additional investigations putting them at additional risk.

Gard CEO Rolf Thore Roppestad said:

“The treatment received by the crew shows a flagrant disregard for basic human rights and international law. They have been detained for more than 80 days, without any charges and without any legal representation on site to protect their interests. The situation is frankly scandalous .

Many crew members suffered from malaria, typhoid fever and other illnesses requiring hospitalization.

“Our combined Defence, P&I and H&M team are working closely with owners, managers, appointed attorneys, the Norwegian War Risk Association and other stakeholders to help resolve what is clearly a very volatile situation. and difficult. This matter deserves the attention of the highest levels of our industry. The proper and fair treatment of the crew is paramount, and the international law of the sea must be upheld and respected,” Roppestad said.

The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) has announced that the flag state, the Marshall Islands, has recently filed a request with it for the rapid release of the crew and the vessel.

The HEROIC IDUN is covered by the Gard for P&I, H&M, IV, Loss of employment and Defense.

For any questions, please contact the Gard media contact, Karoline Flåm: +47 97717718 / [email protected]

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