Eduardo Cabrita steps down – The Portugal News

The Minister of Internal Administration (MAI), Eduardo Cabrita, resigned following the accusation brought against his driver of negligent homicide by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, for having fatally run over a worker on the A6 motorway last June.

In a statement to journalists in Lisbon, where he gave an update on his tenure, Eduardo Cabrita referred to the accident which killed a worker on the highway, saying that “more than anyone” he regretted “this tragic and irreparable loss “as he aimed at criticism relating to” the political use that has been made of personal drama “, which he said he observed” with amazement “.

“This is why I cannot allow this absolutely intolerable political use to be used in the current framework to sanction the action of the government, against the Prime Minister, or even against the PS party. This is why I have decided to hand in my resignation as Minister of Home Affairs to the Prime Minister, ”Cabrita said.

“I absolutely thank the Prime Minister, António Costa, for the opportunity to share these six years of intense dedication to the public cause. For all these four years which have made me, for a few days, the Minister of Home Administration for the longest term in a democracy ”, he stressed.

Eduardo Cabrita considered the Ministry of Internal Administration to be “a particularly difficult ministry subject to uncertainty and unforeseen circumstances on a daily basis”.

The outgoing minister thanked the Prime Minister’s “solidarity and full support”, in addition to having dedicated “a special word” to the Secretaries of State with whom he worked during these six years and expressed “deep gratitude” forces, security services and civil protection units.

“It is with deep conviction that I wish Prime Minister António Costa and the entire government the best of luck and the greatest success in the difficult mission they will continue to play to control the pandemic, relaunching the economy and create the conditions for Portugal to have a governance framework that allows for a fairer path, ”he said.

At the start of the press release, Eduardo Cabrita said he took office as Minister of the Interior in October 2017, after forest fires that killed more than 100 people, and “in a particularly difficult context” for the country. .

“Since then, I have worked intensely to ensure that Portugal is a safe country in its various dimensions,” he said.

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