Ekiti has a higher GDP than The Gambia, Seychelles and other African countries


Vice President Yemi Osinbajo said that Ekiti State has a higher gross domestic product than some African countries including Gambia and Seychelles.

Osinbajo said this during his opening speech at the Ekiti Investment and Economy Summit (Fountain Summit 2021) on the topic “Investment attractiveness and economic development: lessons for sub -national ”.

The speech, however, was released by Senior Special Assistant to the Vice President for Media and Publicity Laolu Akande.

Speaking at the event on Thursday, the vice president praised Ekiti’s economic growth, adding that the state has a higher GDP than some countries in Africa.

The Vice President said: “Two Saturdays ago I represented the President at the swearing-in of the new President of São Tomé and Príncipe.

“As I sat in this well-appointed room and appreciated the solemn grandeur of the new democratically elected president’s swearing-in, I reflected.

“It was a country with a GDP of $ 472 million, and it’s a nation, it has a voice in the United Nations like we have. The state of Ekiti has a GDP of 2.8 billion dollars, which is 5 times the GDP of the nation of São Tomé.

“But it’s not just São Tomé. Ekiti’s GDP is higher than that of The Gambia. The Gambia has a GDP of $ 1.902 billion, as well as Cape Verde with a GDP of $ 1.704 billion, or the Seychelles, the beautiful nation tourist destination, with a GDP of $ 1.125 billion. Ekiti’s GDP is roughly the same as Liberia’s GDP, which is $ 2.95 billion.

The vice president also said the state had laid the foundation for a thriving economy.

Listing some of the basic principles, the Vice President said: “There is no doubt that Ekiti has laid the foundations for a modern and thriving economy. The fundamentals are there; a modern, strong and constantly improving legal and justice sector, with forward-looking laws, which include contemporary administration of civil justice law, a law on sustainable development goals, the first of its kind , a tourism and hospitality law, a property protection law, a 2020 amendment to the Ekiti State Tax Administration Law, which, among other provisions, allows the service to collect all taxes owed to state government and all state local government boards under any law through a centralized electronic payment platform. ”

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