Expats feel at home in Lisbon

The latest InterNations Expat City ranking placed Lisbon 18th out of 57 cities in the world.

Where Lisbon has particularly shone is when it comes to assessing a city’s ease of settling as an expat, and in this category, Lisbon is ranked 7th in the world. The capital is also doing very well in terms of cost of living (10th) and quality of life (12th).

Lisbon does less well in terms of finances and housing (28th) and is considered one of the worst cities in the world for the working life of expatriates (50th).

The Expat City ranking is based on InterNations’ annual Expat Insider survey, which is one of the most in-depth surveys of living and working abroad, with 12,420 respondents in 2021. This year, 57 cities from around the world were analyzed in the survey, which provides detailed information on five areas of expatriate life: quality of urban life, settlement, urban working life, finance and housing, and cost of living. local life.

A more detailed breakdown of the results showed that Lisbon was ranked number one for expats feeling at home in the city (80% vs. 65% globally).

The survey found that: “Expats find it easy to get used to the local culture (84% vs. 65% globally) and describe the local population as generally friendly (80% vs. 69% in the world). world). “A lot of people here are warm, good-natured, respectful, friendly and welcoming,” says an American expat. And indeed, expats find it easy to make new friends (62% vs. 48% worldwide) and are satisfied with their social life (68% vs. 57% worldwide) ”.

Unsurprisingly, the survey found that expats are particularly happy with the climate (87 percent vs. 66 percent globally) and leisure options (85 percent vs. 72 percent globally). “There is great food, great weather and a lot to see and do,” a British expat said in the inquiry. They also feel safe in Lisbon (96% vs. 84% worldwide) and positively assess the urban environment (81% vs. 71% worldwide).

Work opportunities

“While Lisbon ranks well in the local cost of living index (10th), it only arrives at 28th place in the finance and housing index: 26% are dissatisfied with their financial situation ( vs. 19% worldwide) and 33% say that household disposable income is not sufficient to cover their expenses (vs. 23% worldwide).

Finally, the capital ranks in the last 10 of the Urban Work Life index (50th) and expatriates assess the state of the local economy (40% against 19% in the world) and job security ( 22% against 20% worldwide) negatively. They are also unhappy with local career opportunities (49% vs. 33% globally) and their work in general (26% vs. 16% globally). In fact, Lisbon ranks in the bottom 10 for all factors in this index except work-life balance (18th).

In 2021, the top 10 cities for expatriates according to InterNations were Kuala Lumpur (1st), Malaga, Dubai, Sydney, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, Prague, Mexico City, Basel and Madrid (10th).

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