Ghana: Giving tourism the necessary boost for national development


Every year, World Tourism Day is celebrated on September 27. Therefore, Monday was marked as World Tourism Day with the theme “Tourism for Inclusive Growth”.

Created by the United Nations (UN) and celebrated since 1980, the Day is celebrated to raise awareness of the importance of tourism and how it affects social, cultural, political and economic values ​​at the international level.

The UN says this year’s theme focuses on people who work very hard to grow the tourism industry.

In Ghana, an event was organized at WliAfegame in the municipality of Hohoe in Volta to mark Monday Day.

The event took place under the global theme of Tourism for Inclusive Growth, under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Ghana Tourism Authority and Goldstar Air, a company.

For Ghana, maintaining the global theme may mean that the country wants to align with the evolution of the tourism industry on a global scale.

This is good because at a time when the coronavirus has devastated economies, especially those that derive significant income from tourism, those economies should not go alone but united and learn from the experiences of others to mend broken parts of the world. industry.

Figures from the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) 2019 tourism report show that the country has earned more than $ 3.312 billion in tourism revenue and the country intends to squeeze $ 5 billion from the sector by here. 2022.

The figures recorded for 2019 indicate that the tourism sector contributed 5.6% of the gross domestic product (GDP) of the country.

Meanwhile, records indicate that by 2021, Ghana’s cocoa sector is expected to contribute 2.25 billion Ghanaian cedis (GHS), or roughly US $ 390 million, to GDP.

This should tell us all that the tourism sector is likely to support the economy far more than even cocoa, our main source of export.

The choice of WliAfegame as the place to celebrate the Day in Ghana was appropriate as the town and its neighboring communities are the tourist hub of the Volta region, home to sights such as Wli Waterfalls, Afadjato (mountains ), Tagbo Falls, TafiAtome Monkey Sanctuary and Cultural Village.

It even puts communities in the news and gets them to attract the attention of tourists and for development, thus benefiting from the resources they are endowed with.

Also, the day of the same must, for example, have been a good market day for the people of the region, which would make them believe that they are not excluded from the scheme of things of the nation.

The Ghanaian Times therefore wishes to encourage the organization of national events in relevant places and not always in urban areas.

Tourism is important for job creation and the opening up of communities.

Therefore, following the adoption of the Tourism Sites Regulation (LI 2393), which offers the possibility for communities with a tourist attraction to partner with the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) to develop the sites, this document encourages the GTA to implement the settlement to the maximum for the benefit of the people.

In fact, the tourism sector needs all the boost to fully contribute to the growth of the Ghanaian economy.

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