Here’s what’s alive and dead in the Iowa Legislature


Here is a progress report on some of the bills considered by Iowa lawmakers.


” Increase K-12 education funding next year by $ 36.5 million (SF269 *)

” Require K-12 schools to offer an in-person classroom instruction option (SF160 *)

” Reorganize the laws on early elections / absentees (SF413 *)

” $ 21 million in government supplement to fund the Workday contract (SF284 *)

” PPP Business Loans / Federal Unemployment Benefit Exemption from State Tax (SF364)

” Speed ​​up income tax triggers / phase out inheritance tax (SF576)

” Reorganize Mental Health Funding / Reduce Property Taxes (SF587)

” Enact constitutional laws on unlicensed carrying weapons (HF756)

” Prohibit portable electronic devices while driving (SF330 / HF392)

” Amend the Constitution of Iowa to clarify the absence of the right to abortion (SJR2)

” Amend the Iowa Constitution with Gun Rights Protection (SJR7)

” End State Incentives for High Tech Due to Social Media Censorship (SF580 / HF633)

” Add a new method to create charter schools (HF813)

” Adopt “back to blue” police protections / reinforced criminal sanctions (SF534)

” K-12 Schools Supplement for COVID-19 Costs (SF532)

‘Governor’s Ethanol Expansion Proposal (SF481 / HSB185)

‘Governor’s Plan to Expand Broadband Subsidy Program (SF390 / HF848)

‘Governor’s Plan to Expand Affordable Housing Options (SSB1142 / HF178)

‘Bar interference with livestock transport (HF655 / SF421)

” Require ride attendants to be at least 16 years old (SF114 / HF558)

” Create a crime for assisted reproduction fraud (SF529)

” $ 1 Million Medical Malpractice / Truck Accident Benefits Cap (SF537 / HF772)

” Crack down on companies selling glass / metal pipes used to smoke methamphetamine (SF363)

” Allow parental request for child to return to class due to progress issues related to COVID-19 (SF90)

” Grant legal immunity to manufacturers / dealers of firearms (HF621)

” Perform multiple traffic changes / protect police liability in vehicle chases (SF333)

” Allow licensed cosmetologists / barbers to work in wedding venues (HF760)

” Increased criminal penalties for drivers causing death / injury due to excessive speed (HF753)

‘Create a crime for failing to help someone in imminent danger of death (SF243)

” Designate county flood mitigation as a key objective (HF523)

” Criminalize the sexual exploitation of a minor by an adult providing training / instruction (SF562)

” Create a crime for defrauding a drug / alcohol test using synthetic urine (SF329 / HSB22)

” Modify the number of children admitted to nurseries (HF260)

” Prohibit cities / counties from regulating the sale of natural gas / propane (HF555)

” Establish Lifetime Trout Fishing License for Seniors (HF234)

‘Allocate state money to K-12 schools to offset the cost of in-person learning COVID-19 (HF439)

” Clarifying Deceptive / Unfair Car Rental Practices (HF730)

” Gradually Eliminate State Taxes Casinos Pay on Marketing Promotions (SF169)

” Establish immunity from liability for agrotourism (SF356)

” Expanding Child Care Options for Iowa Families (HF301 / HF302)

” Allow grocery stores to evade the law on the deposit of bottles (SF470)

” Prohibit companies from requiring microchip implants for employees (HF259)

” Eliminate diversity plans affecting open enrollment in five school districts (HF282)

” Allow 5-year-olds to participate in a voluntary preschool for a period of two years (HF318)

” Regulate Low Speed ​​Electric Bikes (HF493)

‘Remove Iowa Coal Preference (SF468)

” Define Unemployment Insurance Medical / Dental School Iowa Residency Requirements (HF468)

” Authorize the expungement of certain class D non-violent felony convictions (HF831)

‘Create a criminal offense “unauthorized sampling” for intruders (HF775)

” Enabling Home Schooled Parents to Teach Driving (SF546)

” Develop the Teach Iowa Scholars program (SF547)

” Modify the regulation of road signs (SF548)

” Tighten the penalties for drivers leaving the scene of the accident (HF524)

” Improve the sentence for custodians involved in the death of a dependent adult (SF450)

” Exempt legislative pages from certain educational requirements (SF517)

” Prohibit sexist / racist stereotypes in diversity training (HF802)

” Demand Regents’ Universities Protect First Amendment Rights (HF744)

” Ban city ordinances preventing landlords from rejecting federal housing vouchers (SF252)

” Allow counties to collect driver’s license fees (HF419)

” Modify lighting devices on snow plows (HF654)

” Create a public security equipment fund (HF708 / SF489)

” Create civil remedy when sexually explicit images are disclosed without consent (SF324 / HSB31)

” Grant immunity from liability to veterinarians assisting authorities in civil / criminal matters (HF746 / SF340)

” Strengthen criminal / civil enforcement of massage therapy activities (SF388 / HF452)

” Implements a process for collecting / monitoring sexual abuse evidence collection kits (HF426 / SF451)

” Create a cold case investigation unit of the Ministry of Public Security (HF312 / SF561)

” Create Forensic Sexual Assault Examiner Program (HF603 / SF570)

‘Prohibit harassment by filing a false police report (HF821)

” Add Crimes of Aggression / Financial Exploitation of Older Iowans (SF522)


” Offer state-funded “students first” scholarships to families in private schools (SF159)

” Allow student-athletes to benefit from the use of name / image / likeness (SF245)

‘Ban / Remove Most Automated Traffic Control Cameras (SF516)

” Prohibit employers from requiring COVID-19 vaccinations (SF555)

” Establish daylight saving time as possible official time in Iowa (SF335)

” End the tenure of faculty at regent universities (HF490 / SF41)

” Legalize e-sports betting (HSB200)

” Reduce the sentence for the first offense for possession of marijuana (SF533)

” Restore Voting Rights for Eligible Criminals (HF818)

” Publish information on medical abortions in medical institutions (HF383)

” Eliminate the statute of limitations for criminal actions involving the sexual abuse of minors (SF572)

‘Cut public funds for cities / counties that’ define ‘police (SF479)

‘Create an offense for slower drivers who “camp” in the left lane of the divided highway (HF494)

” Allow smoking at the Iowa Veterans Home under certain circumstances (SF257)

” Ask the Ministry of Transport to install changing rooms for adults in highway rest areas (HF492)

” Create an asset / identity verification system for the Social Services Department for Public Assistance (SF389)

” Prohibit employers from non-competition agreements with low-wage employees (SF496)

” Place a four-year term limit for the Commander of Iowa Veterans Home (SSB1097)

‘Firearm loaded in bar when using an electric scooter (HF738)

” Amend the Iowa Constitution guaranteeing the right to hunt / fish / enjoy resources (HJR8)

” Amend the front license plate requirement for certain vehicles (SF419)

” Extend protections for mobile home owners (SF469)

” Establish a new teleworker grant fund / program (SF491)

” Require in-person college graduation ceremonies (HSB246)

” Amend state constitution to clarify Lieutenant Governor’s line of succession (SJR2003)

‘Prohibit employers from knowingly hiring “unauthorized foreigners” (SF339)

” Reduce appointees / commissioners to the Council of State subject to Senate confirmation (SF423)

‘Cease hunting / fishing / camping privileges for up to one year for Iowa convicted of littering (SF465)

” Amend the state constitution to restore the voting rights of criminals (HJR11)

” Make over-the-counter contraception available in pharmacies for adult women (HSB121)

” Authorize exemption from presidential decrees (HF815)

” Block Strategic Public Participation Lawsuits (SLAPP) Defamation Actions (HF456)

” Empowering utilities to cut trees interfering with power lines (HF460)

” Require regent universities to hire a director of public policy events (HF153)

” Require Parity of Mental Illness Insurance for Telehealth Services (HF294)

” Allow homeowners to pay overdue water bills with security deposit (HF749)

” Amend the law on confidential reports of law enforcement agencies (SF513)

” Allow more frequent veteran card games tournaments (SF510)

” Require employers to provide reasonable accommodation to pregnant workers (SF485)

” Changing window tinting standards / procedures for motor vehicles (SF332)

* Bill signed by the governor

The Chamber bedroom at the State Capitol Building in Des Moines on Wednesday, January 15, 2014 (Stephen Mally / The Gazette-KCRG TV9)

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