Inside a house in Sao Paolo by Maria Augusta Louro


A verdant countryside retreat in Jarinu, an hour from Ṣo Paulo, had long provided comfort and stimulation to Viveka Kaitila. As one of two residences on a property that has been in his family for some 40 years, it is the site of countless happy memories Рclimbing trees, visiting neighbors Рof his childhood. But since her parents returned to their native Finland, the homes had been neglected for decades. Yet it only took them mentioning sell so that Kaitila hits the brakes.

In 2018, her parents transferred the deed to Kaitila’s name and she hired designer Maria Augusta “Guta” Louro to oversee the restoration. “I didn’t want it to change so much that I wouldn’t recognize it as a space where I spent my childhood”, Kaitila said, “and that’s what [Louro] managed to capture: the history and energy of what the house was like. Without changing the structure or the footprint, a conservation conscious construction saw the 861 square foot primary residence modernized with a new roof, updated electricity, a modified layout that created two additional bathrooms (one en suite) and a dedicated laundry room.

But Louro’s main goal was to stylistically align the main house with the secondary house, overtly influenced by the Brazilian colonial period. the
the main house “had no style in itself,” she recalls. “We wanted the houses to speak the same language and for the energy of Viveka to be reflected in the materials and colors.” Being a vacation home, the space also had to be a place where its owner – now President and CEO of GE Brazil – could entertain, relax, and “walk around barefoot” when he visited.

Louro and his team sourced local materials wherever possible, looking to Minas Gerais, a Brazilian state known for its colonial architecture, for ideas: salvaged wood floors in Peroba Rosa to replace the cold tiles, new, custom-made cumaru wood doors and cabinets Рcolored hydraulic tiles in the bathrooms and Ṣo Tom̩ stone on the outside.

After the renovations were completed in December 2019, Kaitila was able to organize a final holiday gathering for her extended family in Jarinu before COVID-19 forced Brazil into lockdown. The newly renovated house served as Kaitila’s primary residence (and remote office) during the pandemic and the quarantine that followed, giving her access to nature and, best of all, a fully separate residence for her adult son to live in. for an extended period. rest. “It keeps us independent,” Kaitila says, “but we can also be together.”

Covered veranda


Designer Maria Augusta “Guta” Louro sourced local materials for this home outside of São Paulo, then accented it with blue accents. “We wanted to keep it sophisticated, clean and colorful,” she says. To paint: Banho de Espuma (doors and windows) and Calça Jeans (shutters) by Suvinil. Swivel chairs: Franccino.

The living room

the living room


“If you like something, it has to stay there, and we’ll make it work,” says Louro, who had the existing client. sofa covered with Donatelli fabric. Leather armchairs: Gustavo Bittencourt. Art: Wall necklace (back room) by Eva Soban for Dpot Objeto; wooden necklace by Maria Helena Emediato (back right). Wall lights (records): Lumini. Daybed: Estar Móveis. Chairs: Sergio Rodrigues in Artefacto. Blanket: Concept of Phenicia.






The addition of custom cabinetry and woodwork from Guta Louro Designs gave the room a more traditional feel. Ground: Portinari. Louro selected the Lumini lampshade (to Azul Turqueza) to match the interior of Formica shelving (in the Mediterranean) in the closet she designed. Board: custom, Guta Louro Designs.

Reading room

reading room


A sofa, disguised in Donatelli velvet fabric, opens for overnight guests. Art: customer-specific. Pillows and throw blanket: Home of the Codex. Light: Ypiranga chandeliers. Blanket: Concept of Phenicia.




The traditional hydraulic tiles of the property’s second home inspired similar improvements to the main house.


outdoor pergola


A covered grill and wet bar allow for outdoor entertaining without the plumbing required for a full outdoor kitchen. Chairs and board: Franccino. Mini fridge: Electrolux. Pierre: São Tomé.

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