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BROCKTON – Isabelle Gomes, 24, began her makeup journey as a 10-year-old girl on Fogo Island, Cape Verde, playing with her grandmother’s clothes and cosmetics. Then Gomes turned his childhood passion into a company, Bella Cosmetics.

“It’s so much more than just putting on makeup or putting on makeup. It’s about how you feel. It gives you more confidence. It makes you feel beautiful and for me, it’s therapy,” Gomes said.

When Gomes is upset, dressing well and applying makeup is the go-to solution and makes her feel grounded and whole again. For several years, Gomes was fascinated by makeup and decided in 2020 to work on her new business.

“Women should feel beautiful with and without makeup. I see makeup as the icing on the cake. I want my brand to give you confidence, to look beautiful when you wear it, but remember this is just the icing on the cake, ”Gomes said. noted.

As a single mom working full time in Brockton and running a business next door, Gomes struggles, but she continues to persevere despite these obstacles. She is able to channel her son’s strength to keep going, even if she is tired, she said.

“Being a mom made me realize how strong and independent I can be. It also allowed me to find myself, and whenever it gets tough, my son keeps me going. So I work hard not only to me but for my son’s future, “Gomes said.

Gomes wants to inspire women around the world with her beauty brand to be the best version of themselves every day and to try new things. Every day, Gomes is looking for ways to improve his brand and create content for the Instagram page. @ La.Bellacosmetics.

Bella Cosmetics currently offers lip gloss and eyelashes. In the future, the brand plans to introduce eye shadow palettes, lipsticks and other glamorous products.

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The young entrepreneur describes herself as someone who has never taken risks. Before opening the business, Gomes was a bit shy and kept herself to herself.

“I’ve always been afraid to develop my full potential, but I’ve realized that we can really do whatever we want. We’re so much stronger than we think we are. So go for it,” Gomes mentioned.

With this positive state of mind, Gomes continued modeling which gave him a boost of confidence. Additionally, her background in the fashion industry has helped her run her business more efficiently, she said.

“If you have a dream or are passionate about something, you want to start something, especially a business, go ahead and work hard!” said Gomes.

The ultimate goal of Bella Cosmetics is to become a household name in the beauty industry and especially in Cape Verde.

Gomes arrived in Brockton from Cape Verde in 2010 at the age of 13 and graduated from Brockton High School in 2015. Coming from an immigrant background, Gomes wants to show her parents their sacrifices by coming to America. have not been in vain.

“It means the world to me to own a Cape Verdean owned business. I am here building something that will, later on become something great, and it means so much to me. I love my people. and my culture, and I’m ‘proud of myself,’ Gomes said.

“The feeling of being self-taught is amazing because I can finally say I’ve found my purpose, and that’s right. I’ve dreamed of it for so long,” said Gomes.

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