ITB Berlin: The war in Ukraine should have an impact on tourism

ITB Berlin 2022 Opening Press Conference: Katie Gallus (moderator) with Martin Ecknig, CEO of Messe Berlin; Peter Kautz, MD of Statista Q; and Norbert Fiebig, President of the German Travel Association (DRV). image source: ITB Berlin

Russia’s war activities in Ukraine and the inevitable repercussions inevitably have an impact on the tourism industry, says the president of the German Travel Association (DRV) Norbert Fiebig approach the opening of ITB Berlin away this week.

Fiebig voiced concerns that war and international reactions will have consequences.

“The exact consequences are not yet predictable, but one thing is certain: war will be an additional challenge for our industry with the coronavirus and after the pandemic,” he said.

Fiebig went on to add that over the two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, several tourist destinations have started to gain traction, seeing growing demand.

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Norbert Fiebig, President, German Tourism Association (DRV).

“Since February, according to weekly booking data from travel agencies and online travel portals, there has been an increase in bookings compared to the week before the coronavirus crisis in 2019. Popular destinations include Spain , Greece, Turkey and Egypt. However, the total volume of bookings for the current summer season is still 48% below pre-crisis levels,” he said, adding that it remains to be seen if and to what extent the war in Ukraine will lead to general insecurity resulting in a change in travel behavior.

TUI expects a good season

CEO of TUI Germany Stephane Baumert, speaking at the opening of the ITB Berlin exhibition, said that despite the war, the leisure tourism giant expects “a good summer season 2022” and currently sees no fundamental change in booking behavior.

“The booking curve continues to rise. Particularly classic destinations in the Mediterranean are in demand and are seeing an increase that is even above 2019 levels,” he said.

According to Baumert, Mediterranean destinations such as Majorca, the Turkish Riviera and the Greek Islands are the favourites.

The company expects a total of 120 more flights to begin in April, with most flights – numbering 62 – going to Greece, followed by Mallorca (48).

“Cyprus, the Cape Verde Islands and Egypt are also in high demand,” he said.

Looking ahead, Baumert said the industry still has a long way to go to recoup losses, but said “summer activities this year will approach pre-pandemic levels because people yearn for great experiences. and beautiful trips,” adding that flights to destinations in the Mediterranean region and to the Canary Islands and Cape Verde in July and August will fill up quickly.

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