Liberia: Senator Koung continues his “thank you tour”

Citizens of Nimba, both at home and abroad, celebrate the leadership of Senator Jeremiah Kpan Koung as he continues to take over the populous county in Liberia [Nimba] to a higher height through development, inclusive and participatory leadership.

The former Nimba County electoral district legislator continues to reach out to inaccessible parts of the county since his rise to the Liberian Senate, demonstrating his prior quest that he needed the opportunity to serve as a senator in order to have the influence needed to reach every part of the county. .

On Friday, April 22, 2022, the most ‘admired’ Nimba lawmaker embarked on a nine-day trip to the county in continuation of his first ‘thank you tour’ after his landslide election in the Dec. 8 special senatorial election. 2020.

During the second phase of his “thank you tour”, Senator Koung started in Seigeh chiefdom in Sanniquellie where he participated in a program, moved to Duo-Tiayee in Yahpie Mahn chiefdom, Yekepa and Gblei in the chiefdom of Yahmien respectively.

According to his office, other areas to be reached during the tour include Zualay and Goagortuo in Zor Chiefdom, Karnplay & Logoatuo in Gbeh Chiefdom, Slangonplay, Soe Chiefdom, Gbei-Bonnah and Garplay in Sroh Chiefdom, Beo-Yoolay , Bayleglay and Beo Gborplay. respectively in the chiefdom of Beo.

The pillar of the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction is also innovating for several projects across the county. According to Senator Koung, the plans are in line with his campaign promises made to the people of Nimba during the 2020 midterm elections.

As captured by the CableTV website, one of the major groundbreaking ceremonies was the Yar River Bridge in the town of Duo Gbeah on April 23, 2022.

The bridge project is valued at US$500,000. When completed, the bridge will connect major towns and villages in Upper Nimba including Tiah-play, Kahnplay. It will also connect most of these towns to Sanniquiellie, the capital of Nimba.

Dubbed the “most generous and talkative senator,” Senator Koung donated a brand new power saw and 500 bags of cement.

Born in Yekepa, the county’s concession area, the young senator also stopped by his birthplace of Yekepa and interacted with a cross-section of citizens, including Friends of Jérémie (FOJ), various women’s groups, merchants, the religious community, the association of cyclists and the community of disabled people.

While in Yekepa and considered their darling son, the people of Yekepa presented several difficult situations to the senator, including the deplorable state of the “P-zone market” as well as the marking of several houses in the center of Yekepa by ArcelorMittal Liberia for demolition in 202.

In response, Senator Koung thanked the people of Yekepa for voting overwhelmingly for him in the 2020 senatorial election and accepted the various demands, and promised that in agreement with the Nimba County Legislative Caucus, they would meet with the leader of the multi-billion companies and settle the issue of demolishing their home.

At the same time, Senator Koung then made an initial donation of 100 bags of cement to immediately begin the renovation of the “P” zone market in the center of Yekepa.

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