Licensed nursing graduate thwarted by Ontario looking for international health workers


KITCHENER – A graduate of Conestoga College’s enhanced nursing practice program said she was upset the province was looking overseas for healthcare workers to help her during Wave 3.

Mae Azores said there are qualified people in the province who want to help in local hospitals.

The Azores are currently awaiting approval for her nursing license here. She completed the program at Conestoga College last year and holds a nursing degree from the Philippines, and also spent four years working in an emergency room in Saudi Arabia.

“I’m part of the resuscitation team so I think I’m experienced and better equipped to be a nurse here,” she said.

The Azores took on other jobs while waiting for his license, including customer support for a pizza chain.

“Right now I’m working as a COVID-19 planner for British Columbia,” she said.

MJ Gallo, with Filipino nurses in international education, said there were others like the Azores in Ontario.

“You come here, you want to practice and they’ll say it’s not comparable no matter what your experiences are,” Gallo said.

Gallo added that it takes a long time to get licensed in Canada.

A spokesperson for the College of Nurses of Ontario said they are working to speed up registrations and started an emergency assignments course a few weeks ago. Individuals must have completed an RN or LPN program, practiced as an RN or LPN within three years of the date of application, and have fluency in English or French.

“We appreciate that so many people want to help respond to the COVID-19 outbreak. For those who cannot register with the IUCN, there are other ways to support Ontario’s COVID-19 response efforts, including as an unregulated health care provider or as an unregulated health care provider. as a volunteer, “An NOC statement read in part.” We remain available to respond to employers and to help share information on emergency orders issued by the government. “

The Azores said they wanted the process to move even faster, given the health care crisis at local hospitals, so Ontario didn’t need to seek help from the United States and in the Phillippines.

“You don’t have to find us, we’re already here,” she said.

CTV Kitchener contacted the Department of Health, but received no response until 5:30 p.m.

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