Luke Perry, professor at Utica College, speaks on election day 2021


It’s election day. Polling stations are open until 9:00 p.m. in central New York City.

There are several statewide initiatives on the ballot. Utica College Professor of Political Science Luke Perry, Ph.D. is very interested in two of the initiatives proposed this year.

“Anytime there is an effort to make it easier to vote, it’s better for democracy,” Perry said. For him, other proposals are disturbing. His analysis of voting matters is not influenced by the political scene but rather, says Perry, “My interest is democracy.” He says the lack of voter turnout and turnout really worries him.

Luke Perry, professor of political science at Utica College. (Submitted press photo, courtesy of: Utica College)

The third proposal is called “Elimination of the early voter registration requirement within ten days”. The fourth proposition is “allow voting by absent ballot without excuse”.

Perry says he supports them for a number of reasons because “there’s a lot going on in people’s lives and they should be able to vote,” even if they decide to do so at the last minute. “Same-day vote registration laws now exist in twenty states,” he said, “so it’s nothing new.”

Caller to WIBX “First News with Keeler in the Morning” disagrees, saying “to vote is the right of a knowledgeable public … Allowing people to just enter tests an election department already stressed “.

There are five statewide proposals on the ballot. The first proposal is a proposal to “modify the allocation and redistribution process”. The second proposition is the “Right to clean air, clean water and a healthy environment”. The fourth proposal is a proposal “To increase the jurisdiction of the civil court of the city of New York”.

WIBX will have results on the results of voting initiatives and all elections, as soon as they are available. Results will be updated on our website at and on the WIBX950 mobile app.

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