Madeira receives the World Travel Award for the best island destination in Europe


For the eighth consecutive year, Madeira received the World Travel Award as the best island destination in Europe.

In the World Travel Award, a total of 11 other archipelagos / islands voted, reports

The award was considered a remarkable achievement by the regional secretary of tourism and culture of Madeira, Eduardo Jesus.

“The number of times Madeira has won this award helps to give more coherence to the recognition that the region has obtained in the world in recent years”, the Regional Secretary stressed in this regard.

According to him, the award should fill with pride all those who work in tourism in the region, and the residents who see their land being leased internationally as well as thousands of passengers who enjoy their vacation destination even more.

“We have reason to be equally satisfied with the destination’s response to the pandemic,” he added. Eduardo Jesus pointed out.

Despite being considered the best destination in Europe, Madeira’s travel and tourism industry has also been hit hard by the spread of Coronaviurs.

However, recently the government stressed that it would help the travel and tourism sector to emerge from crises caused by the virus. According to the government, the increase in wages will occur mainly in the tourism and trade sectors, adding that “The recovery of the economy must be felt by all.

The Azores were also shortlisted for the World Travel Awards for Europe’s Best Destination, along with other islands from other territories, as reported by the Herald News.

The World Travel Awards, established in 1993, are considered the most prestigious awards program in the tourism and travel sectors, as well as in the hospitality industry. reported that at the 28th edition of the World Travel Awards, Zurich Airport in Switzerland was named the best airport in Europe for the 18th year in a row.

In this regard, the CEO of Flughafen Zürich AG, Stephan Widrig, pointed out that this was a result of the companies placed at this airport.

“In these difficult times, in particular, the award is a great honor for us. It is a recognition of the excellent cooperation between all our airport partners and the enormous commitment of all those who work at Zurich airport ”, Widrig pointed out.

Besides the Swiss airport in Zurich, other airports such as Florianópolis and Vitória were also ranked in the lead.

In addition, the World Travel Awards also rated THE LOFT at Brussels Airport as the “Best Airline Lounge in Europe 2021”.

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