Met Eireann issues high temperature warning as Azores High set to cause heatwave in Ireland

Met Eireann has issued a high temperature warning as an Azores High is expected to cause a heatwave in Ireland.

Met Eireann issued the rare warning this morning and it covers from Sunday morning to Tuesday evening.

Met Eireann warns that on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday unusually warm weather will set in over Ireland with daytime temperatures of 25-30 degrees in general and possibly up to 32 degrees in places on Monday. Nighttime temperatures will fluctuate between 15 and 20 degrees.

The heat wave will come as part of the Azores High moves southwest into Ireland for the weekend.

Maximum temperature forecast for Monday and Tuesday

Met Eireann explains that this will cause temperatures to rise but will still trap warmer air to the south. As the high pressure moves away to the east, the anticyclonic or clockwise rotation will direct air from the southeast, but the real contributing factor is how it interacts with a low pressure system developing off the coast of Portugal and winding gradually northward. The cyclonic or anti-clockwise flow of the low working in conjunction with the anticyclonic flow of the high will generate a strong push of warm air between the two systems thus pushing the warm air towards Ireland, carrying the mass of air that brought exceptional temperatures to Europe, towards Ireland.


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