Met Office forecast warns temperatures will dip next week with strong winds


The British have been warned by the latest Met Office forecast that miserable torrential downpours and strong winds are looming.

A three-day mini-heatwave with highs of 23C is expected to continue over the next few days. However, an Atlantic front is about to make matters worse.

Northern areas are expected to experience “windy weather” in the north for the remainder of the week, with a divide between the south where sunny spells and dry conditions persist thanks to a push from the Azores.

However, a ‘change’ in the jet stream’s position early next week will also result in a change in UK weather, with wet and windy conditions and a sudden drop in temperatures.

September will see “below average” temperatures in the coming weeks

This will mark the “end of summer” with a more “autumnal” feel with colder mercury and regular showers.

Met Office expert meteorologist Adam Thornhill said; “For the remainder of this week and for the weekend we will continue to see low pressure systems bringing windy weather to the north of the UK while further south the drier and warmer weather remains thanks to the ‘influence of high pressures extending from the Azores ”.

“High winds” and heavy heavy showers are also looming around the corner for the British

Monday seems like a cold and humid day for many across the UK.

“However, a change in position of the jet stream brings about a change in our weather next week, allowing a cold front associated with a low pressure system in the North Atlantic to propagate eastwards, bringing wet and windy conditions. across the country throughout Monday. ”Thornhill also added.

Low Atlantic pressure front will bring pessimism to UK weather
Low Atlantic pressure front will bring pessimism to UK weather

“Behind the cold front, conditions will be much more autumnal with a cooler feeling and windy showers for many. “

Although the UK will see temperatures drop, potentially below normal for the time of year, mercury is expected to slowly recover by October.

The stark contrast to the ‘gusty winds’ will shock the British, as most have experienced below average wind speeds in recent weeks.

According to the Met Office, some areas experienced the lowest average wind speeds in 20 years. Windy conditions that arrived in a few days could make the temperature much colder.

Although summer seems to have been a ‘washout’ for most Brits, due to the changeable weather, the Met Office says precipitation for August / September has so far been below normal for August / September .

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