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The most anticipated nautical event this year was undoubtedly the Monaco Yacht Show 2021. It is THE show that sets the tone for trends, where exhibitors must present their new product or service and where the whole industry comes together to discuss, network and keep abreast of the latest news from the yachting industry.

It was incredible to see the port of Monaco once again adorned with rows of tents and meters of dashing yachts proudly displaying masts and flags. The selection below was difficult to make, but we hope it will give you a taste of the extraordinary exhibition that took place at Port Hercule this year.

Shipyard: Nobiskrug presents Motor Yacht Artefact

Artefact was definitely the star of the show. At 80m in length, its stunning architecture with its unique central window of 740 square meters of curved and expressive glassware weighing almost 60 tons, made it the superyacht that everyone wanted to visit, including SAS of Monaco Prince Albert.

Build by Nobiskrug shipyard, Artefact is a pioneer in the Superyacht world, bringing new ecological solutions to large ships without taking anything away from its comfort.

It carries large solar panels, has been built with a propulsion system that allows it to remain stable without dropping anchor, saving the seabed, a propeller that minimizes noise and vibrations, it has its own recycling system some water.

And it’s no surprise that she was voted Superyacht of the Year winner.

Designer Hub at the Monaco Yacht Show 2021

Design: Yacht design and innovation center

It is probably the only hub that was missing from the Monaco Nautical Show. Of course, architects have always had their dedicated show space, but this new yacht design hub is all about innovation and how the yachting industry is evolving, it’s great to experience some of these technologies. and innovative solutions.

The pavilion was small but allowed 5 designers to present part of their work, with videos or models.

The dedicated space was also host to interesting mini-conferences where exhibitors shared their achievements, designs and other challenges and innovation systems.

Luxury watch only at the Monaco Yacht Show 2021

Luxury: Only watch

The biennial charity auction is known for presenting unique pieces which, after the Monaco Yacht Show, will first be presented in various luxury venues in Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau and Tokyo, they end their tour in Geneva where the exhibition will end with an auction on November 6.

All of the timepieces were presented at the show, all unique and offered for research into Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

To name just one lot, the iconic Artiya watch and guitar were made with one of the world’s greatest guitarists, John McLaughlin. The watch took over 110 hours to be handcrafted by Blandenier. The lot is estimated between 33K € and 47K €, or only 39K $ to 56K $.

GEST by Yacht Cloud at the Monaco Yacht Show 2021

Technology: Yacht Cloud

The GEST service call system by Yacht cloud is a very practical and intuitive gadget. With the push of a button, a customer can request a specific service.

Fully customizable GEST, a stylish button, easily activated with a simple WiFi connection

enables superior service to the world’s most demanding customers.

The GEST service call system is intuitive. Touching the button for two or five seconds makes it easy to differentiate between a standard or priority service request. GEST’s subtle sound and light indicate call status. When an operator confirms the call, the button turns green, transparently informing the user that service will be arriving shortly. In an emergency, a warning signal can also be triggered on specific or multiple buttons by authorized agents or security systems.

Call for tenders: Faro 5

MYS welcomes all types of exhibitors of all nationalities. The creators of the Faro 5 the call for tenders comes from Portugal.

The boat is 100% sustainable and is designed with its own solar charging dock. With its elegant design, the Faro 5 has established itself at anchor in the middle of the Tender area. Built with high-end materials such as Cryptomeria wood which is sustainably produced in the Azores, Tomàs Costa Lima, the architect assured us that his boat was the right choice for those who want to sail 100% green.

MCA Ete Foil Board at the Monaco Yacht Show 2021
MCA Ete Foil Board at the Monaco Yacht Show 2021

Toys: MC Foiler SUMMER

Summer, summer in French is the latest toy offered by Monte-Carlo Automobiles. Based in the Principality and expert in luxury cars MCA exhibited several of their products (including some great luxury cars) in the Car Deck area of ​​the MYS.

Summer is an all-carbon slick construction board equipped with a customizable foil.

The toy can be used in different modes such as Efoil, windsurf or even wakefoil to name a few. It will make you trendy even if the wind disturbs your haircut.

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