More southerly showers as the north pockets the best of the sun


So often when we talk about a division of the time over the British Isles it is from the northwest to the southwest, with those in the northwest tending to see wetter and windier weather. But, for the second time in a few weeks, the weather action will focus more and more on the south of the country over the next few days as a low stalls nearby.

Further north, with the Azores high far from the Azores and located to the west of Ireland, it is he who will play the most role, especially since he will regularly try to go up further. east, to the UK and Ireland. It then looks set to move further east and possibly climb back up to Scandinavia later in the week.

The start of the weekend didn’t bring much difference across the country though, with lots of cloudy parts and a few bits of rain here and there. The sun will shine through more throughout the day on Saturday which could help trigger potentially heavy downpours spreading across southern and central England. However, they will not be as prevalent as on Friday.

During the evening and overnight, a more widespread rain showers batch will move from the south, with heavy thunderstorms likely to continue to push north overnight and on Sunday. Their extent in the north is a bit uncertain, but they may well ascend into the Midlands, south and central Wales, and East Anglia. Not everyone is likely to catch the heaviest gusts, but if you do, you are likely to know, with torrential downpours possible.

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