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As recent releases, the following are must-haves for book lovers.

Pambansang Diksiyonaryo sa Filipino Ateneo University Press, with national artist for literature Virgilio S. Almario as Punong editor, had its virtual launch on December 2. Journalist and TV host Kara David hosted the event which included an interview with the editor. The coffee table book was on sale until December 14, with a reduced price of 2,600 to 2,080 P. After the holidays, copies will be available again on January 3 on all electronic platforms, including Shopee. and Lazada.

Sugar & Smiles: The Negrense Legacy Beyond 2020 is the first tabletop book about the first province of Western Negros. Published by an all-Negrense editorial board led by BusinessWorld columnist J. Albert Gamboa, this 320-page volume includes chapters written by award-winning authors Dr Cecilia Locsin-Nava and Atty. Rayboy Pandan; the historians Modesto Sa-onoy and Roque Hofileña; social media influencers Atty. Eli Gatanela and Lloyd Tronco; Chiefs Richard Ynayan and Mia Lizares-Gonzaga; advertiser Nikki Golez; and the regional director of the Ministry of Tourism, Christine Mansinares.

A heritage collector’s item, the book commemorates landmark events such as the short-lived Negro Republic and the world-renowned MassKara festival, as well as the rich heritage passed down from centuries past to present and future generations of Negrenses. It was launched on November 30 at Ayala Malls Capitol Central in Bacolod City. Copies are available at or on the Facebook page @ Sugar & SmilesPH.

Milflores editor Andrea Pasion-Flores says she read Rizal in Saga: A Life for Student Fans in photocopy form when it was produced by the Rizal Centennial Commission in 1996. National artist Nick Joaquin was responsible for writing the biography of the national hero and the book given to VIPs during the celebration. But he did not circulate beyond the small circle of guests. As Ambeth Ocampo said, “It’s sold out by the time it was released.”

The rights to the manuscript marked Andrea’s first acquisition as publisher Miflores. To create a digital copy, she had to type the manuscript herself. When she asked Ambeth if he would do the introduction, he went beyond that task and annotated the book. He also shared his collection of photographs of Rizaliana, which replaced what were mostly illustrations used in the first post.

“If you read the book with the annotations and the captions from Ambeth,” says Andrea, “it’s like he’s having a conversation with NJ. So in a way, that’s also the book by Ameth.

Carlo Tanseco painted the cover of this 308 page hardcover edition of RIS dedicated to new student fans. Copies are available at and possibly via Shopee and Lazada.

The first 300 pre-sold copies of Love, Life and Loss: Poems during The Pandemic, Pablo Tariman’s debut collection of poetry, have been delivered nationwide in the past three weeks.

Here is Pablo addressing his youngest grandson: “In time /
You’ll push my stroller. / We can walk in the nearby park / And watch another morning / Turn sadness / Into a day of infinite grace. “

He says he made an effort to complete this first book of poems in honor of his second daughter Kerima, who wrote her own book of poetry earlier, and many of whom mourned the recent tragic loss.

“What can I say about the fourth month of Kerima’s death? Pablo reflects. “Well, we have lived and breathed poetry. She happens to be the best poet and a revolutionary in the truest sense of the word.

The surviving father may be too harsh on him for his own literary merit. Two of his poems were included in the Singapore-published anthology The Great Asian Poetry 2021, which was released in mid-December.

And now his own collection, published by Music News & Features, is available at P 1,000 a copy, including delivery within Metro Manila and the provinces. To reserve copies, send an SMS to 09065104270 or an email. [email protected] Where [email protected]

In the Line of Fire: Lectures from San Anselmo Press brings together 15 lectures by journalist, editor and author Joel Pablo Salud delivered at prestigious universities over the past six years. Topics range from the ethics of journalism and the role of journalists under authoritarian regimes to the function of literature in the era of fake news.

Author of several fiction and political non-fiction books,

Salud is a columnist for LiCAS News Philippines and a contributing writer (Opinion) for Philstar Life. He was the former chairman of the PEN International Philippine Center Writers in Prison Committee and former editor-in-chief of Philippines Graphic magazine.

The first 50 copies have been signed by the author. That’s at P330 per copy plus shipping, via the San Anselmo Press website.

Z for Short by Cesar Ruiz Aquino, published by Pawn Press of Cebu, is the long-awaited autobioroman of the Dumaguete-based literature guru – in fact, an autobiography or lyrical memoir turning into an anti-novel and critical discourse that covers the poet-fictionalist -The minstrel in the hopscotch of the Padagian teacher in Zamboanga, Dumaguete, Manila, Baguio and back to the “always comes another”.

A door stop at nearly 700 pages, the tome had its virtual launch on December 11 and is now available on a P666 copy via Pawn Press on Shopee (

It opens with the chapter “A calendar in paradise, a clock in paradise”. Here are the first lines as a teaser:

“The novel is dead. I am the resurrection.

“To those who see an atheist, let me clarify that the man does not need to be the only one, not even the borderline. He might be a closet mystic, as far as we know. And really the second clause does not need to be irreverent, neither non sequitur, nor megalomaniac. The novel is dead, I am the resurrection. The. Read, as expected, a manifesto that is perfectly innocent because it is impersonal. I didn’t even write it – I just spliced ​​two familiar sounding phrases that aren’t mine into one. A collage, yes. A cubist phrase. The I in the sentence is not necessarily the author.

“Anyway, the I in this sentence isn’t necessarily the author either!”

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