Namibia: tourism meets agriculture … as Ultimate Safaris embarks on ‘// Huab Under Canvas’

Ultimate Safaris, a travel agency, has entered the agricultural sector with a promising development that is expected to boost the local agricultural sector, while promoting ecotourism.

The company has extended its cooperation with the // Huab reserve by embarking on a project that would see the establishment of small-scale agricultural activities on a one-hectare plot.

The project, entitled // Huab Under Canvas, will be carried out in partnership with // Huab conservancy with whom the tourism company has a long-standing relationship.

The land is fenced, shaded and watered with a big chick for the community.

The company also built storage facilities and a fully electrified solar-powered cold room from a fence point of view, to keep local elephants out.

Ultimate Safaris intends to lease the facility to a knowledgeable farmer who will produce on it and in turn employ locals.

“A memorandum of understanding between conservation and a private sector farmer has been signed, which will lease the facility to conservation, employ conservation people and play an important role in the transfer of agricultural skills over the next few years. “the company said in a statement. declaration.

It is also envisaged that local supermarkets and other tourism businesses will support the project by purchasing their products.

More than 2000 plants have already been planted and a flock of chickens is on the way to the project. By mid-November, the project will have its first ‘farm-to-table’ products purchased from the project and any surplus will be available at the local supermarket in Khorixas.

The company said it has invested more than NN $ 2.5 million in the project.

The // Huab reserve is located in the Kunene region and there are only 930 people and wildlife that includes elephants, leopards, mountain zebras, kudus, duikers, warthogs, steenbok, klipspringer, ostriches, gemsbok and springboks.

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