Namibia: tourism stakeholders are working to revive the industry


In an attempt to revive the hard-hit tourism market, the Namibia Tourism Board will launch a campaign to focus on the domestic market.

The strategy will be launched ahead of the Christmas season to inspire Namibians to explore the natural beauty and “barefoot luxury” that their country offers.

NTB CEO Digu // Naobeb said the aim is to catalyze domestic demand with informative and inspiring messages.

These include four promotions on television, in local languages ​​and on social media, accompanied by special offers from the private sector, at a cost of N $ 2.3 million funded by the German public bank of KfW investment and development.

In the international market, // Naobeb said the focus will be on primary markets, but NTB will continue to enter secondary and tertiary markets as larger digital platforms are used.

NTB works in close collaboration with the Namibian missions abroad on the new identified tertiary markets.

He noted that the deployment of an effective long-term approach, however, depends on funding from the NTB.

In addition, he said that the NTB will continue to implement a 360-degree multi-channel strategic approach to reach targeted international travelers and maintain its visibility in the UK, Chinese and German-speaking markets, including through partnerships with major brands of products, to reach millions of consumers in the special interest segment.

“Thus, NTB will mainly execute activities which will be linked to the segments of public relations and media, commerce and social media to activate consumer demand, which will generate more trips to or within Namibia.

In the medium term, he said that consideration should be given to attending only the most important trade shows and events in 2021, if the global Covid-19 outbreak is under control.

During this recovery phase, he pledged that the NTB would reactivate Namibian events, roadshows and fairs as part of its trade promotion program.

In regional markets, NTB will focus on neighboring regional markets with high potential in Namibia to develop intra-African travel.

“The focus is on South Africa and Botswana, as residents of these countries are likely to have disposable income and the willingness to travel outside their borders. The marketing approach is more inclined to use both print and electronic media and other social media platforms to entice these latter residents to consider traveling to Namibia after Covid-19, “// Naobeb said.

The Hospitality Association of Namibia (HAN) reported that 35% of those surveyed said they closed their doors after the pandemic extended beyond June 2021. HAN CEO Gitta Paetzold said the impact of the June and July 2021 pandemic was the worst for Namibian tourism, so the tourism sector‘s status quo is now worse than expected in February 2021. In addition, statistics reveal the limits of tourism to diversify, with the exception of isolation centers, take-out or other shuttle transportation services.

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