Next Sachin Tendulkar: Twitterati Responds As Rishabh Pant Fired In Nervous’ 90s For 4th Time


Rishabh Pant was fired in the 90s for the 4th time. Photo: BCCI

Much was expected of Indian batsmen when international cricket returned to the country. However, the batsmen could not live up to expectations and put England ahead in the first leg of the Chennai test match. India made the worst possible start to the round and lost Rohit Sharma’s wicket in 4th.

He was followed by Shubman Gill, who scored 29 of 28. Returning from paternity leave Indian skipper Virat Kohli also disappointed and was fired by young spinner Dom Bess, who also scalped Ajinkya’s wicket Rahane.

As the team faltered at 73/4, senior batsman Cheteshwar Pujara and wicket keeper Rishabh Pant came to the rescue and added 119 points for the 5th wicket. While Pujara, who scored 73, took his time, Rishabh hit at a strike rate of over 100 and scored 91 of 88 before being sacked.

Rishabh, who marked two centuries, has now been made redundant in the 90s 4 times. In 2018, he was sacked twice in the 90s when he was sacked in the 97 in Sydney’s test match against Australia. Today was the 4th time that the young drummer missed another deserved century.

As he was fired again in the 90s, the Twitterati hailed Rishabh as the next Sachin Tendulkar. The Master Blaster was famous for being laid off in the 90s. In total, it was laid off in the 90s on 28 occasions. Rishabh has already scored 4,90 in Tests. Check out some reactions –

Courtesy of Rishabh and his partnership with Pujara, India has crossed the 250 point mark and needs another 122 points to avoid the sequel. The opening session of the 4th day of play will be crucial for the Indian team.

Earlier in the match, England captain Joe Root scored a magnificent double-century to help his side score a total of 578. En route to his third consecutive score of 150+ in Asia, Root also became the lead batsman of the history of the game to record a double century in its 100th test match.

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