Nigeria, others will benefit from BAGAIA safety regulations


Nigeria has been identified among the countries benefiting from the safety regulations adopted by the Accident Investigation Agency of the Banjul Accord group.

BAGAIA, made up of The Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria, Guinea, Cape Verde, Liberia and Sierra Leone, is an independent accident and incident investigation agency in West Africa.

The agency recently adopted the BAGAIA 2021 safety regulations designed to help member states in the region comply with the Anne 13 International Civil Aviation Organization, which focuses on accident investigation.

BAGAIA Commissioner Charles Erhueh, who spoke to our correspondent on Tuesday, said member states, including Nigeria, would benefit from the regulation.

He said: “The regulation will improve every member state, including Nigeria. It serves as a benchmark to ensure that their processes comply with international best practices in accident and incident investigation.

According to him, the regulations do not protect member states from being accountable to their countries when identified as a state of occurrence.

“The investigation delegation does not release you from your responsibility as a state of occurrence if an investigation is delegated to BAGAIA,” he added.

Erhueh, during his recent visit to The Gambia, noted that one of the focal points of BAGAIA would be the integration of non-member states into the fold to strengthen the effectiveness of regional accident investigations.

“In order to put this into perspective, it is necessary to use another approach to ensure that members see the values ​​of BAGAIA, hence the visit to members in creating such values ​​to ensure the existence of an independent body as requested by the International Civil Aviation Organization, ”he added.

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