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Seven teams compete in the Globe40, an eight-stage round-the-world race for Class40 double-handed teams. The first stage started on June 26 in Morocco towards the finish in Cape Verde but with Madeira and the Canary Islands as landmarks on the route.

After rounding Madeira on June 28, the fleet had to negotiate the wind shift caused by the Portuguese island. It was the Japanese crew of Milai Around The World who handled it best, allowing them to escape and take a 70 nautical mile lead.

American Joe Harris describes the course’s next challenge:
(June 30, 2022) – I come to you direct from the Canary Islands, just off the coast of Europe, where we will soon attempt to thread the needle through a very narrow passage between the islands of Tenerife and Canarias.

I don’t know who thought that was a good idea, but leaving the island of Tenerife on the starboard side would be fine if there wasn’t a traffic separation system that you’re not allowed to enter and also a serious funnel effect created by the height of the mountains which can cause gusts to 35 knots. So the narrow passage with little room for maneuver will present its challenges tonight…

During this time we experienced serious problems with our autopilot actuators which caused the pilot to simply shut off without warning and caused many accidental tacks and gybes that take a long time to recover, especially at night.

We therefore had to steer by hand all the time, which is not only exhausting but does not allow us to navigate the boat very well. Suck! But since this morning Roger has replaced one of the jacks with a spare that was leaking but now seems to be working. So fingers crossed that it continues to work until we get to Cabo Verde.

So some random observations. You know how you can have a song stuck in your head and it plays here over and over again? Here are the songs stuck playing for me:

• Scarlett Begonias – Grateful Dead: “She had rings on her fingers and bells on her shoes….. and I knew without asking that she was into the blues…”

• Kindhearted Woman – Willie Nelson: “She’s a kindhearted woman in love with a man at the right time. She loves him despite his bad manners, which she doesn’t understand.

• Today, I do nothing – Bruno Mars: “I’m just going to lie in my bed. So leave a message on my phone because today I’m not doing anything. Nothing at all.

The last one isn’t too inspiring for a double-handed skipper trying to put out a lot of fires, but what can I say… it’s stuck.

Finally, I think my next boat could be called “Bust a Move”….. feel free to comment.

As many of you know, I’m a fan of freeze-dried foods. A lot of people complain about it but I’m not one of them. So last night I had Buffalo Chicken with Spicy Mac and Cheese which was excellent. But this morning I noticed that he came out of me much the same way he came in. Hmm… was it digested?

I know, it’s disgusting, but since we go in a bucket, it’s easy to analyze. I’m like Bill Nye the Science Guy – I always ask questions.

So that’s all of Tenerife, Canary Islands. We wish Godspeed this evening to cross this narrow channel and launched towards Cabo Verde and the last phase of the race at the finish. And may Santa bring us a new autopilot actuator.
With an average of 250 to 300 nautical miles covered per day, the first competitor should arrive to finish on July 3.

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At the first Globe 40 began on June 26, with the eight-stage course to end in March 2023, and all stages counting towards the cumulative score with the longer distances more heavily weighted.

Tangier, Morocco

Sao Vincente, Cape Verde Islands
Port Louis, Mauritius
Auckland, New Zealand
Papeete, French Polynesia
Ushuaia, Argentina
Recife, Brazil
St Georges, Grenada

Lorient, France

Source: Andy Rice

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