Revealed: The Covid-Test-Free Destinations Where Your Money Will Go Farthest


Fully vaccinated UK passengers can now travel to many other countries without needing a pre-departure test. When traveling to countries not on the Red List, passengers can move freely in both directions; since the government’s official red list was reduced to just seven countries, there are 52 foreign destinations where these rules apply.

Travel money specialists at Eurochange revealed the most economical travel destinations you no longer need to take a Covid-19 test to enter.

Eurochange analyzed the strength of the British pound against the local currency of these destinations compared to the start of the year, to see how far your money could go on vacation abroad.

Turkey leads by far, with the pound rising 23% against the Turkish lira since the start of 2021, giving travelers an additional £ 189 value for every £ 1,000.

For Brits looking to soak up the winter sun, Cape Verde’s tropical beaches should be on your radar, as they rank third on the list of best-value destinations. Since the start of the year, the pound has risen 7% against the Cape Verdean escudo, saving £ 63.35 for every £ 1,000.

Looking a little closer to home, the pound has risen 5% against the euro over the year, earning travelers an additional £ 50.85 per £ 1,000 when traveling to Popular European destinations such as Portugal, Spain, France and Malta.

As winter approaches and festive food markets become the focus of travel, it should be noted that the pound sterling has also risen against the currencies of Poland, Denmark and Hungary – so you can buy a good wine. warm when visiting one of these destinations in winter.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, however, the pound has lost value against a small number of currencies including the Norwegian krone, Ukrainian hryvnia and Armenian dram.

Charles Stewart, Network Director at Eurochange, said: “Vacationers need to think carefully about the destination if they are looking for the best value for money. Traveling to a country where the pound is strong against the local currency can allow your money to go much further. , without having to budget or compromise when you’re at it.

“We are delighted to see the travel industry come back to life, it is such a joy to see our customers regain their ability to explore the world. With the freedom of fully immunized travelers to over 52 destinations, there has never been a better excuse for travel abroad. “

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