Sam’s swell is ready to hit the coast, Victor is getting stronger


The swell from Major Hurricane Sam is expected to hit the coast on Friday and continue through the weekend as it heads well offshore.

The Category 4 hurricane strengthened further early Thursday, with sustained winds reaching 145 mph. It’s still on track to pass east of Bermuda on Friday and Saturday, but its larger size means there’s a chance tropical storm force winds will reach the island. For this reason, a tropical storm watch is in effect for Bermuda.

Swells are likely to contribute to an increased risk of a Florida-to-Carolinas rip current that will last all weekend before easing off early next week.

Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Victor was located 550 miles from the Cape Verde Islands early Thursday. It is predicted to become a hurricane on Friday and head north over the ocean this weekend. Other tropical wave forecasters monitoring a few hundred miles west of Victor has weakened considerably and is no longer expected to expand.

Neither Victor nor Sam are expected to directly affect the US coastline, but the hurricane season continues until the end of November. Climatologically, tropical storms are more likely to form in the Caribbean, the southwest Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico during the month of October.

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