São Tomé and Príncipe: WHO staff discuss the results of a 360-degree assessment of team performance during a retreat

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The WHO Country Office in São Tomé and Principe organized a 3-day retreat in April 2022 with all staff. The goal was to help maintain an organizational climate conducive to achieving better health outcomes. The retreat aimed to highlight the values ​​and mission of the Organization, to ensure greater integration between teams and supervisors, to promote internal commitment to achieve better health results, to review the performance of the previous year and to project the objectives and results to be achieved in the current year.

The event brought together guests to moderate and discuss important topics for improving the quality of work. Mr. Kizito Nsarhaza, Strategic Change Manager at the World Health Organization Regional Office for Africa in Brazzaville coordinated the first two days of the meeting. He presented the results of the 360 ​​degree performance review exercise for teamwork with the objective of finding out how staff, partners and management perceive the 5 dimensions defined in the tool: WHO values ​​and work environment, efficiency, quality, cost and management awareness, collaboration. , change management and innovation.

Several employees were able to give their impressions of the retreat and the new work methodology used to conduct it:

“Our 2022 retreat had a participatory character that sought to stimulate the free expression of each of us. The open discussion of the results of the 360 ​​degree exercise allowed us to better understand the different aspects of teamwork and clearly identify how to approach the challenges encountered. This allowed everyone to be directly involved in a collaborative environment” (Luciana Chagas – PMO STP and CPV – WCOs).

“The 360-degree exercise allowed us to reflect on our organizational work culture, highlighting our strengths and areas for improvement. With this, I can now clearly see how and in what areas I can contribute to our team strengths and organizational work culture” (Tambudzai Mutale – Partnerships and Resource Mobilization).

“It was a unique experience, because it allowed me to do through this exercise an analysis and a self-assessment of the team, regarding our skills, our weaknesses and how to improve our activities in order to achieve our objectives and our results” (Rhecia Soares Doua – Office Assistant).

“I would like to commend the management of the WHO Country Office in STP for organizing this 360 degree exercise, which is an excellent tool to assess the skills, abilities and behaviors of its employees, involving the contribution of the entire working environment: supervisors, supervisees, collaborators, beneficiaries and suppliers. The exercise enabled us to take stock of activities and tailor-made planning, adapted to the needs of the organization, the beneficiaries and collaborators. All this will allow the organization and its employees to make significant progress” (Dr Diallo Saikou Yaya Kollet, consultant epidemiologist).

“Plus, it’s a great tool because it’s not just about the results of the team members and the team leader, but also listening to external partners and seeing how opinions diverge. I found it very helpful to work with my team members to reflect on the results and see areas where we could collaborate and improve” (Joanne Lacy – Health Information Specialist).

“Getting this insight into how others see us is extremely important to us as a staff…as a team, so that we can identify our strengths and try to maintain them, and identify what others perceive are our weaknesses and work on them to obtain better results” (Dra Claudina Cruz – Program Manager).

“The 360 ​​degree exercise has now allowed us to develop a work plan that will be followed over the next few months to improve our team’s performance. It was a very nice way to be positive about how we were and are perceived by our partners, and a very neutral and effective way to be able to discuss among ourselves our competence and our performance as a team. I think it is also a good team building tool, to be used by all WHO colleagues, UN colleagues and others who want to take advantage of it” (Dr Anne Ancia – Representative).

The WHO office in São Tomé and Principe was the first on the African continent to organize this exercise. In the next steps, work plans will be developed to improve the quality of teamwork based on the main aspects highlighted by the tool.

The third day of the meeting addressed aspects of gender mainstreaming in activities, cooperation projects and strategic points of inter-agency activities, presented respectively by Ms. Elisabete Azevedo, United Nations Gender Focal Point at STP and Mr. Erik Overvest, the new United Nations Resident Coordinator in the country, . The retreat ended with working groups to present the key results that each team member helped achieve in 2021 and their commitments to achieve in 2022.

WHO at STP believes that better health outcomes are directly linked to the commitments of its employees. A good way to promote these commitments is to enable team development and improvement.

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