Six of Scotland’s best chocolatiers, foodies will want to discover


It’s no secret that Scots have always had a sweet tooth.

From our love for Irn-Bru and Tablet to sweets like Tunnock’s tea cakes and Lee’s snowballs, we’re no strangers to a sweet little treat.

Not only that, but when something captures our imaginations, we tend to go out of our way to figure out how we can create our own versions of our favorite things.

This is why you will be delighted to hear that not only do we love to eat chocolate, but we also have passionate people who make it too.

With National Chocolate Week about to end, we thought we’d take a look at some of the best chocolatiers you’ll find in Scotland.

Highland Chocolatier, Pitlochry

One of the most recognizable names in Scottish chocolate, Iain Burnett trained in Belgium, France and Switzerland in his quest to hone his skills and make the best chocolate there is.

Iain and his team now specialize in the use of cocoa of unique origin from the volcanic island of São Tomé, which the expert chocolatier has personally selected for its flavor to be mixed with fresh Scottish cream to create a taste sensation. that you won’t soon forget.

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Bare Bones Chocolate, Glasgow

Bare Bones Chocolate shakes things up
Bare Bones Chocolate shakes things up

Named Bare Bones Chocolate by creators Lara Messer and Cameron Dixon as a nod to their promise of no additives or emulsifiers.

Starting in Lara’s parents’ garage in the village of Eaglesham, their brilliant farm-to-bar chocolate is now hand-wrapped in compostable Vegware sheets and sealed with a signature ‘Handcrafted in Glasgow’ label from their new base in Glasgow.

The passionate pair now have a slew of awards and rightfully so, as their chocolate bars are a little bit of luxury.

Cocoa Mountain, Durness

Cocoa Mountain is a treat on the NC500
Cocoa Mountain is a treat on the NC500

Anyone who’s been on the NC500 lately will have heard of this great little producer located in beautiful Balnakeil Bay.

Famous for their hot chocolate, perfect for cold weather, they also produce a range of delicious truffles and chocolates that you can buy to take away.

Founders James Findlay and Paul Madden are true experts in their craft and always offer a warm Highland welcome.

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Cocoa Limon, Aberdeen

The delicious chocolate on offer at Cocoa Ooze in Aberdeen
The delicious chocolate on offer at Cocoa Ooze in Aberdeen

At just 17 years old in 2008 when he launched his chocolate business, Cocoa Ooze founder Jamie Hutcheon has been an Aberdeen institution ever since.

After securing an investment in BBC2s Dragon’s Den, it now offers an incredible range of chocolates, workshops and team building experiences for anyone who loves chocolate.

Linden pantry, Kilbirnie

Lime Tree Larder produces fantastic chocolate
Lime Tree Larder produces fantastic chocolate

Repairing a redundant stable on his farm, Alex Wilson decided to do something a little different and start Lime Tree Larder.

Located today at the end of an avenue lined with lime trees (planted in the 1920s), the Larder is located just 20 minutes from Glasgow and specializes in ice cream and handmade chocolates.

Don’t worry if you want to get your hands dirty too, as they have workshops and children’s parties and you can try their now famous ice cream cakes.

Chocolate tree, Edinburgh

Husband and wife team Alastair and Freidereke Gower bake delicious chocolate treats
Husband and wife team Alastair and Freidereke Gower bake delicious chocolate treats

The Edinburgh-based husband and wife team Alastair and Freidereke Gower are the passionate pair behind Chocolate Tree – the makers of innovative chocolate flavors.

Eager to share their success with the farmers who make their cocoa, they pay higher prices to these farms in Peru, Colombia, Venezuela and Madagascar to ensure their communities benefit as much as the local residents of Edinburgh. .

The best part about eating their delicious chocolate is that you will feel virtually guilt free.

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