South Africa: Western Cape Economic Development and Tourism Open Applications for 2021 SMME Stimulus Fund


We are pleased to announce that applications have been opened today (May 13, 2021) for the 2021 SMME Stimulus Fund, which will distribute up to Rand 20 million to organizations and municipalities for programs to help small businesses to grow and improve their sustainability so that they can create more jobs in the Western Cape.

Managed by the Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism, the 2021 SMME Booster Fund is calling for all existing SMME business development projects based in the Western Cape, especially those that support rural, urban, privately owned businesses. young people and women.

The closing date for applications is Monday, June 7, 2021 and all information and details on applications are available on the Western Cape website:

In the previous iteration of the SMME Booster Fund, through the allocation of funds to 16 grantees like Innovator Trust and Edge Growth, among others, we were able to help more than 350 companies in the Western Cape to grow and improve their sustainability, thus creating an essential need. jobs.

Earlier this week, I had the benefit of meeting some of the former recipients of the SMME Stimulus Fund and the small businesses they have supported.

During my visit, I overheard Glynn Mashonga, CEO of Globescope Security, talk about how her business benefited from the support of one of our SMME Stimulus Fund grantees, Innovator Trust, who helped her to increase its turnover, to open a new office and to hire. more employees.

The Innovator Trust supports small businesses in the ICT sector through their business and vendor development programs and Globescope Security has received support through a host of workshops and webinars, a dedicated mentor and coach, services accounting, certification training, computer training and business links.

I also heard from Michael Fortune, CEO of Intenum Global Solutions, a PPE provider, talk about how they benefited from the support they received from Edge Growth, which manages corporate and supplier development programs for businesses and public enterprises.

With funding provided to Edge Growth, Integrum Global Solutions benefited from attending their business bootcamps, access to a dedicated mentor, help with a digital marketing campaign, and access to an accountant. .

The SMME Booster Fund is just one of the many ways we support small businesses in the Western Cape.

I look forward to seeing the many successes that will emerge from the 2021 SME Incentive Fund and encourage all relevant organizations in the Western Cape to apply.

Now, more than ever, we must work together to ensure that businesses are supported and operate in a safe and responsible manner, so that we can save jobs and rebuild the economy in the Western Cape.

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