Tanzania: Black Rhino Tourism Launched in Mkomazi


As Tanzania braces for the influx of tourists following the Covid-19 pandemic, spectacular black rhino tourism has been launched. The Rhinoceros Sanctuary is located in Mkomazi National Park, “the home of the black rhinos,” which stretches across the Kilimanjaro and Tanga regions, overlooking Mount Kilimanjaro to the north and Tsavo West National Park.

Africa‘s first wildlife park designed for clear rhino viewing is unlike other national parks where rhinos hide most of the time. The new design for the African black rhinos which are now extinct on earth was launched on Wednesday by the Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism, Dr Damas Ndumbaro.

It is a new attraction for people who love to see and learn more about African black rhinos.

Dr Ndumbaro, accompanied by his deputy, Ms Mary Masanja and the Permanent Secretary, Dr Allan Kijazi, congratulated the management of Mkomazi National Park and National Parks of Tanzania for the initiatives which are expected to attract many tourists and gain more income for the country.

In a new initiative to improve the functions of the ministry and its institutions, Dr Ndumbaro announced the transfer of the headquarters of the Forest Industries Training Institute (FITI) from Moshi, Kilimanjaro to Mafinga.

In Mafinga there are huge tree plantations, many raw materials for furniture making and a huge area measuring 120 hectares, where the head office will be built. Moshi will remain as a subsidiary of FITI.

In another development, the headquarters of the Tanzania Wildlife Authority (TAWA) will be moved from Morogoro to Dar es Salaam.

The movement seeks to be closer to its customers since more than 90 percent are in Dar es Salaam. The Minister further announced that the headquarters of the Tanzania Forests Authority (TFS) will be moved to Mwanza from Dar es Salaam. This will have the effect of putting more weight on the deforestation activities that are rife in Mwanza and in the lake area in general.

TFS will manage a new movement to plant trees in the area. As for the national parks of Tanzania; Tanzania’s National Parks (TANAPA) and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA) will be headquartered in Arusha, the gateway to tourism to the country.

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