Tanzania: Edelwiss Air to offer US $ 2.6 billion in peak tourist season in Tanzania


Arusha – Switzerland’s leading leisure airline Edelweiss has announced the addition of Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam to its three new destinations in Tanzania from October, offering a silver lining to the tourism industry of the country, which amounts to several million dollars.

Edelweiss, sister company of Swiss International Air Lines and member of the Lufthansa group, which has nearly 25 million customers worldwide, serves the most beautiful destinations in the world.

From October 8, 2021, Edelweiss will fly direct from Zurich to Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA), a major gateway to the northern Tanzania tourist circuit, twice a week, with top European tourists. range to honor the high tourist season.

“Then it continues to Zanzibar, but only once a week, because from October 12, 2021 there will be an alternative flight to Dar es Salaam the other day of traffic,” said the director general of Swiss Tanzania , Mr. André Hello. operators in Arusha recently.

Currently, Edelweiss Air is offering Tanzania’s $ 2.6 billion tourism industry a strategic partnership to achieve its goal of attracting five million tourists and generating $ 6 billion in foreign exchange by 2025.

“Adding three destinations in Tanzania during the most difficult times is not only a vote of confidence in the country, but also a boost to its travel industry to achieve its goal of five million tourists by 2025”, he explained.

“The airline reliably guarantees a pleasant and worry-free journey time to the holiday destination and ensures the safety and well-being of its customers with commitment and cordiality,” noted Mr. Bonjour.

Mr. Bonjour said that the vacation destinations could be perfectly combined to experience all the diversity of the country.

Indeed, vacations in Tanzania are heavenly, so much the country fascinates by the richness of its nature and its animal diversity.

Tanzania Tour Operators Association (Tato) President Wilbard Chambulo said the tourism industry welcomes Edelweiss Air with open hands and praised the timing.

The TATO boss added: “The deal means opening up endless opportunities not only for our members, but also for the entire tourism value chain, as Swiss will promote and market Tanzania’s destinations to Swiss and other high-end customers “.

Tato CEO Mr Sirili Akko said his organization was in talks with Edelweiss Air to develop strategic synergies, as an urgent measure to support the rebound of the tourism industry in the aftermath of the Covid pandemic. 19.

To be precise, Tato sought a direct scheduled flight from Zurich to KIA as part of the overall tourism revival strategy led by the private sector with support from UNDP.

“We, as private sector drivers, decided to develop a tourism revival plan. Edelweiss Air’s commitment to the possibility of deploying a regular aircraft from Zurich to KIA, was key among other measures , as we believe, the movement will link the northern tourism circuit with Europe and North America, ”Akko said.

Vacationers often experience the “big five” — elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo and rhino — up close in Serengeti National Park, climb Mount Kilimanjaro or relax on the beach for a tropical island of Arab influence Zanzibar.

“If you are looking for variety, you are sure to find it in Tanzania. Kilimanjaro, for example, a hiker’s paradise. towering snow crown “Mr. Akko said.

Mr Bonjour echoed Mr Sirili’s statement that hiking Africa‘s highest mountain is rightly on the priority list of many nature and trekking lovers.

The area around Mount Kilimanjaro is the perfect starting point for exploring Tanzania’s endless steppe landscapes and incredible wealth of wildlife.

The stunning white sand beaches of Zanzibar’s Spice Island promise comprehensive care and plenty of relaxation, Akko said, adding that tourists should come to Zanzibar to experience the tropical beauty.

“Its seaside vacation that smells of pepper, cloves and vanilla, where the azure sea gently laps your feet and your senses learn to fly. The warm, crystal-clear water all year round and the white sandy beaches make for Zanzibar the African dream destination to relax, ”he explained.

Dar es Salaam, the gateway to southern Tanzania, is the bustling metropolis on the country’s mainland coast, barely developed for tourism.

“Not far from the city you will find secluded beaches with oriental charm. The dreamy island of Zanzibar is only a stone’s throw away and the national parks of southern Tanzania can be easily explored from here. here, “Akko said.

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