Tanzania Market Tourist Attractions at Unwto Meeting

TANZANIA capitalizes on the ongoing 24th session of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) by marketing its tourism products to attract more tourists.

“In ensuring to increase the number of tourists visiting our country, promoting our tourism at this meeting is crucial,” said Dr Damas Ndumbaro, Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism, on the sidelines of the session held in the city. from Madrid, Spain.

The four-day meeting that started on Wednesday this week was hosted by UNWTO. Dr Ndumbaro highlighted the benefits Tanzania looked forward to, including marketing its tourism and attending key tourism sessions.

During the first day, Tanzania had the opportunity to market its tourism and explain to the gathering its safety to encourage tourists to visit the country.

“We asked the participants to come to Tanzania to witness wonderful tourist attractions such as Serengeti and Ngorongoro National Parks and attractive beaches in Zanzibar,” said Dr Ndumbaro.

The Tanzanian delegation also distributed postcards to each participant of the session, an initiative to promote Tanzanian tourism. Dr Ndumbaro told the meeting that Tanzania will also sign a contract with UNWTO to host the 65th Africa Tourism Conference to be held October 6-8 in Arusha.

“We are bringing this conference to Tanzania because it is another opportunity. We had this opportunity to host this event. After signing this contract, we would be 100% sure to be the next host. “, he explained.

The minister said they would use the current UNWTO to approve the law on defending the rights of tourists around the world.

“We learned during the Covid-19 pandemic that some countries closed their borders while tourists were still in those countries and could not return to their countries. So we are passing the law to protect tourists in such an environment. ’emergency,’ he explained.

He said the law should increase the value of tourism activity globally because it will protect the rights of the tourist.

“With this law, a tourist would feel safe visiting the country. We (Tanzania) have been on the front lines to ensure that this law is passed,” he said.

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