Tanzania: Samia spices up tourism


PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has officially started recording a famous program called Royal Tour aimed at promoting the country internationally.

The program is part of the government’s robust strategies to mark the country by promoting available economic opportunities. tourist and investment attractions on August 28 this year in various parts of Zanzibar.

A royal visit is when members of the royal family make an official visit also known as a state visit abroad, visiting as many places as they can make time and visiting officials. and the inhabitants.

Usually the host country will come up with suggestions for places to visit and these will then be approved by the Royal Family.

Typically, sightseeing during the tour will focus on the issues the host government wants to get the most attention to, while also showcasing their country as a tourist destination to the world. It is for this reason that the host government will generally cover the costs of a royal tour, with the exception of international round trip flights, which are covered by the UK government. The United Kingdom; help improve relations between us and other countries.

Speaking on Saturday at the culmination of the CRDB Bank sponsored Kizimkazi festival in the village of Kizimkazi Dimbani, President Samia said the government has engaged in aggressive strategies to brand the country by promoting economic opportunities available to the country. global scale.

She said the government is firmly committed to aggressively marketing the country internationally.

“Tanzania is blessed with immense investment opportunities and tourist attractions, which unfortunately remain unrecognized by the world.

Few people, for example, don’t know about Kizimkazi dolphins and friendly mafia sharks, ”she said.

Speaking at the culmination of the week-long Kizimkazi festival in Kizimkazi Dimbani village, the president said that an international documentary company was already in the country filming all the tourist attractions for a global exhibition.

“We are here today (yesterday) and tomorrow (today) we will be in Stone Town before going to Pemba and later to mainland Tanzania… becoming a tour guide,” she said.

President Samia described the festivities as a great success, which began in 2015 as a farewell ceremony and congratulations on the completion of his term as MP for Makunduchi and his appointment as CCM presidential running mate under the directed by the late John Magufuli.

She said the key objectives behind the festivities are unity and solidarity among the residents of Kizimkazi; preservation and promotion of culture and traditions; the promotion of tourism opportunities and the mobilization of resources and social and economic development.

President Samia said that Kizimkazi is blessed with huge investment opportunities that aspire to exploration, especially in the blue economy sector.

The president pledged to build a huge modern health center in Kizimkazi to serve thousands of islanders who currently travel more than 18 kilometers to access Makunduchi’s health services. It is mutual benefit

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