Tanzania: Samia’s roots for medical tourism

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has made medical tourism a potential area for the industry to exploit.

Citing the super-specialized health services of the Kilimanjaro Medical Christian Center (KCMC), the president said that medical tourism has the potential to contribute to the economic development of a larger country.

President Samia made the remarks on Saturday, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the KCMC area referral hospital.

According to Ms. Samia, the specialist medical services offered at KCMC and other health facilities have recently seen people from other parts of the world flock to the country for medical services.

“KCMC is famous for its unparalleled health services, the same can be said of the Jakaya Kikwete Heart Institute (JKCI) in Dar es Salaam, this is an area that deserved to be tapped for the growth of the economy” , suggested the president while honoring the 50th anniversary of the medical establishment yesterday.

She further described the health facility as a center of excellence in the education, research and development of health professionals in Tanzania, thus requiring the influx of patients from other places in the country.

“The government’s commissioning of 2.3 billion intensive care units at KCMC has seen more and more people flock to the health facility for specialized treatment,” he said. -she explains.

The president insisted that the government will continue to invest heavily in modern health equipment and services to save foreign exchange earnings and promote medical tourism.

Medical tourism refers to an organized trip outside of its natural health jurisdiction for the improvement or restoration of the health of the individual through medical intervention, using, but not limited to, invasive technology. .

According to the latest data, Malaysia remains the main recipient of medical tourists.

The Asian nation welcomes up to 500,000 medical tourists each year, mainly from Asia.

The country’s health expenditure would be affordable despite a highly developed medical infrastructure.

India is also included on the list, where it attracts medical tourists from Africa and parts of Asia.

President Samia further congratulated the management of the Good Samaritan Foundation (GSF) which owns and manages KCMC as well as that of the KCMC hospital for advancing the good dreams of the founders of the hospital; the late Bishop Dr Stephano Moshi and the late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, the first President of Tanzania.

“These two founders planted good seeds and watered it and it bore fruit, but you who made the plant grow successfully also deserve your congratulations and that is why we are here to celebrate a half. century of this great institution that provides care to patients from inside and outside the country, ”she said.

She also praised the management of KCMC hospital for their plans to create a heart unit, which said the move compliments the government’s efforts to bring health services closer to its people.

“By introducing the cardiac treatment service, you will help reduce the congestion of those who go for treatment at the Jakaya Kikwete Heart Institute in Dar es Salaam and many others who go abroad to seek such services. services, ”she said.

Earlier, KCMC Executive Director Dr Giliard Masenga informed the President that the bed occupancy rate is 686 today, up from 350 when it was established 50 years ago.

It had also set up 56 intensive care units and 17 operating theaters.

“In the recent past, we have improved service delivery to reach many Tanzanians and other patients in East Africa,” he said.

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