Tanzania: Zanzibar government optimistic about increasing number of tourists

THE Zanzibar government has expressed hope for a possible increase in the number of tourists visiting the islands in the past month compared to September when it recorded 25,817 tourists.

This is according to the Office of the Chief Government Statistician (OCGS).

The OCGS said the trend was impressive as they continued to compile data on tourists for the past month.

Ms. Raya Mohammed Mahfoudh, statistician at OCGS, told reporters during a monthly press briefing on tourism statistics that there were signs of increased tourism due to the easing of restrictions on Covid -19 in the world.

Giving statistics for September, she said a total of 15,263 visitors entered the country from Europe (equivalent to 59.1% of all visitors, followed by tourists from the African continent who attracted a total of 4,537 visitors, equivalent to 17.6%, 2021.

“The first country to attract tourists was France, with a total of 3,586 tourists (or 13.9% of all tourists) followed by Poland with 3,058 (equivalent to 11.8%),” he said. she said, adding that the advertisements to attract tourists to the country should continue.

According to Ms. Mahfoudh, in September 2021, a total of 22,232 tourists, or 86.1% of all tourists entered Zanzibar through airports and 3,585 tourists, or 13.9%, entered through the seaport.

Explaining the purpose of foreign travel to Zanzibar, she said that 99.3% of all tourists and visitors came to the country for vacation, 0.5% came to visit relatives and friends and 0.2% came to the country for other reasons.

Zanzibar Immigration Department Liaison Officer and Deputy Immigration Superintendent Mr. Bakari Sharif Bakari said the influx of visitors, including tourists, was going well: “This is also due to the simplified process of access to visas and to the existing security and peace in the country “.

Tourism Commission Marketing Officer Amour Mtumwa Ali said the increase in the number of tourists to the country is likely due to the peace, security, favorable investment climate and the pandemic of coronavirus controlled.

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