Tempestini uncertain about leaving Rome

Question marks surround Tempestini’s appearance in the sixth round of the Championship as budget constraints have left the Romanian star in search of last-minute funding.

The Škoda Fabia Rally2 driver currently runs the ERC-Michelin Talent Factory and told FIAERC.com the shortfall was partly due to his heavy crash in the season-opening Fafe in March.

“I hope to be in Rome,” he explained, “but after our fall in Fafe, we are struggling with the budget to participate.

“It was the same for Latvia, but somehow we had the opportunity to be there. Now we are trying to cover the budget again to be in Rome.

“Of course it’s really important for us to be in Rome and also in Zlín, but if I had to make a decision now, I wouldn’t be here. I remain optimistic and I’ll see what happens in the next few days. “, he added.

Despite sitting third in the championship standings, Tempestini feels he still has plenty of pace in store.

Fourth overall in the Azores Rallye was his best result so far this season and he struggled to find the optimal car set-up for the final tarmac game of Rally Islas Canarias. If he makes it to the starting line in Rome, that will be the goal.

Battistolli downplays home hopes

Battistolli downplays home hopes

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“We wanted to be a bit faster this year,” he explained. “But it’s not easy to find a good compromise between having the speed and the reality that it takes to get to the end with the car in one piece.

“When you’re trying to do a whole championship and a week before the rally you don’t know if you’ll be there, it’s not easy. Every time I go to a rally I’m grateful to be there and try to do my best without making stupid mistakes.

“Rome is very different to Canarias – I like the stages a lot more and I think if we get a good test and a good setup we can fight for the top places.”

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