The 8 ethical chocolate brands to buy to binge without guilt


A superfood packed with antioxidants and touted as the food of the Aztec gods, chocolate has been an integral part of many cultures for centuries.

However, modern chocolate production – as in many other industries – has a reputation for unethical practices. Millions of child laborers in countries like Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire work to produce cocoa and coffee. Even the most famous brands are guilty of exploitation – with one of Nutella’s basic ingredients, hazelnuts, be linked to child labor in Turkey.

The culture of consumption holds the power; By purchasing fair trade and sustainably sourced chocolate, consumers are able to support the fair treatment of the workers responsible for the food we consume.

Here we take a look at brands supporting the rights of cocoa farmers and producing great chocolate that is ethically and organically made.

Tony’s Chocolonely

With its colorful packaging and uncompromising ethical stance, Tony’s Chocolonely has taken the chocolate world by storm. Combining flavorful chocolate with a commitment to raising awareness of child labor, exploitation and modern slavery in the cocoa industry, Tony’s is a staple in the ethical chocolate market.

Divine chocolate

Based in Kenya and owned by farmers Divine is perfect for vegan chocolate lovers. By sourcing cocoa beans from São Tomé in West Africa, commonly known as the “Chocolate Island”, Divine is focusing on empowering farmers and local communities.

Cocoa loco

Proudly promoting their fair trade status, Cocoa loco relies on a small, tight-knit farming community in the Dominican Republic. The team produces mouth-watering treats, with a range of buttons, bars and truffles all available.

Seed & Bean

The adventurous chocolate brand Seed and bean likes to push the limits with its flavors and chocolate making techniques. However, nothing stands in the way of their commitment to fair trade and ethical production, with all products being ethically sourced and handcrafted in England. It is also the first chocolate brand in the UK to offer fully compostable packaging.

Cocoa Love

From the mind of James Cadbury, a distant relative of the original man behind beloved Cadbury’s chocolate, Cocoa Love is committed to sustainability in everything it does. To fight against deforestation, a direct consequence of cocoa cultivation, a tree is planted for each Love Cocoa product sold.

Eat your hat

As the name suggests, Eat your hat is an original and entertaining brand unlike any other on the market. With ingredients from around the world sourced from small farmers in São Tomé, Peru, the Dominican Republic and Bolivia, Eat your hat offers a diverse range of chocolates from around the world, all ethically sourced.

Chocolate and love

Chocolate and love is perfect for dark chocolate fans looking for an eco-responsible brand. With a low sugar content and a high proportion of cocoa, their creamy black bar contains 25% more cocoa than the average dark chocolate bar. In addition, each bar is made from fully traceable cocoa and its packaging is also biodegradable and compostable.

Booja Booja

Renowned for its excellence in all that is sweet, Booja Booja uses sustainable agricultural methods and practices, favoring responsible resources and supporting natural ecosystems. It is also an employer offering a living wage, committing to pay all workers according to the current cost of living.

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