The best places for winter sun, according to Telegraph readers

No more schools

We were four exhausted teachers, looking for sun and comfort during the Christmas holidays. We have been to the Algarve in Portugal 14 times due to the consistently hot weather.

After a flight to Faro, we hired a car and drove to our villa, with its log fire. We played tennis, walked the markets, explored rocky coves and even swam in the Atlantic. Our favorite restaurant, the Hut, served grilled sardines and a superb Portuguesa steak.

Arriving late on Christmas Eve, knowing the shops would be closed, we packed kindling in our suitcases and a Christmas lunch in our pockets. We were followed by cats eager to share the chops, if not the rice and applesauce.

Vivienne Seakins, Warwickshire

Sun, sea… and snow

In February 1976, we escaped England’s freezing winter (ironically the harbinger of a scorching summer) for a fortnight in Majorca. Sure enough, the weather was sunny and warm, a lovely setting for lazy days spent sunbathing on the beach and dining at al fresco bars.

One day, we pulled ourselves out of idleness and hired a car to drive around the island, between sandy bays, historic hamlets and ageless coastal villages under an eternal sun.

However, on the way back to our hotel near Palma, we encountered cars with snowmen on their hoods and were soon faced with a short, heavy snowstorm. Worse: on returning to Gatwick, we found our car frozen and so had to return to Newcastle (where we were then living) by train.

Bruce Denness, Isle of Wight

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