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Tropical-Atlantic weather for Friday, October 1, 2021

Stay active in the Atlantic Ocean

Sam remains a major hurricane (Category 3 or higher) and is expected to remain so for much of the weekend at least. Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Victor is slowly gaining strength

southwest of the Cabo Verde Islands.

Sam remains a major hurricane (Category 3 or higher) and will remain a major hurricane at least until the weekend. Heavy swells and dangerous return currents will continue in the Lesser Antilles

until the end of the week before decreasing, then will move to the east coast of the United States this weekend. Early next week, heavy swells and dangerous return currents will reach the

North-eastern coastline. Sam is still expected to pass well east of Bermuda on Saturday which will minimize impacts, although showers and gusts of wind under the force of a tropical storm could still occur with

dangerous surf and tear currents. The impacts to Atlantic Canada also appear to be minor, although a runway further west would bring rain and stronger wind gusts. During this period early next week,

Sam is expected to transition to a post-tropical cyclone.

Tropical Storm Victor is in trouble as it attempts to strengthen over open waters of the Atlantic Ocean well southwest of the Cabo Verde Islands. As the storm continues in a general northwesterly direction

movement, it will be in an area favorable to development with low wind shear and warm water that can allow it to become a hurricane. However, as Victor moves north over the weekend, the wind shear

will begin to rise and water temperatures will become less favorable. This will cause a loss of wind intensity from the storm by Sunday and early next week. At the moment, the storm should not

pose a direct threat to land, although Victor moves over the eastern Atlantic next week, Azorean interests should closely monitor the progress of this system. It doesn’t matter if Victor remains a

characteristic traceable to the Azores or not, the impacts should currently be minor.

Since Victor has developed, the last name on the Atlantic tropical cyclone list is Wanda. After that, the names of the new additional list will start to be used.

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