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Tropical-Atlantic weather for Thursday, November 18, 2021


Calm in the Atlantic

The Atlantic remains relatively calm with no signs of organized tropical activity. Current satellite wind data suggests that strong vertical wind shear continues to dominate most

Atlantic basin. A non-tropical depression located well to the south-southwest of the Azores across the eastern Atlantic will gradually weaken and dissipate over the next few days. Meanwhile, another low pressure

will form by this weekend along a frontal border near the Azores. In addition, an upper level disturbance will move east across the Florida Peninsula until overnight, locally bringing strong

precipitation in parts of central and southern Florida.

We continue to forecast a very low chance of subtropical development this weekend until early next week in association with an area of ​​low pressure that will form near the Azores. At this point he

seems very likely that the developing depression is likely to remain non-tropical in nature. However, whatever the exact state of the low, it will bring gusts of wind and locally heavy rains to

the Azores this weekend in the first half of next week.

By Senior AccuWeather Meteorologist Dan Pydynowski, updated by Senior Meteorologist Alyson Hoegg


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