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The Met Office also issued several yellow warnings for ice across much of Scotland and the east coast of England for Wednesday evening, until 10 a.m. Thursday. Another warning has been issued for the south-east of England and Wales, starting at midnight Thursday for 10 hours. In the early hours of Thursday, Netweather’s latest graph shows minimum temperatures are quickly turning ice blue with lows of -6C in central Scotland, as large parts of England and Wales rise. struggling to exceed the freezing point.

The freezing cold snap is only set to worsen, with minimum temperatures dipping to -8C in part of Scotland on Thursday morning and to -2C in an area of ​​northern England.

Even southern England could struggle to break above freezing, with lows of -1C expected around London.

This trend continues throughout the morning before minimum temperatures rise again by mid-afternoon, with most of the country in positive temperature territory.

But that changes quickly in the evening, with lows dropping to -6C in an area of ​​northern Scotland and below zero in much of England and Wales as the weather map turns ice blue again. .

The frost wave continues through the early hours of Friday, with most of the map remaining an icy blue as minimum temperatures struggle to exceed the freezing point.

WXCHARTS maps also show 4cm of snow hitting northern Scotland late Wednesday evening, with wintry weather rapidly spreading across north-east England on Thursday morning and descending towards north-west England.

This snow is expected to remain over these parts of the UK for the remainder of this week and the weekend ahead.

But the latest charts show that snowfall is spreading south into the wee hours of Sunday morning, with the Midlands and even London in jeopardy.

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“By Thursday night, a frontal system is going to switch from the Atlantic with another low for Saturday. Everything is pretty active and mobile.

She added: “Until freezing tonight with widespread frost, then barely 3-6C Thursday but with lighter winds. Ice will be a problem for the next two nights.

“There will be some snow showers in this cold stream. For the north of Scotland, the most exposed area but also for Wales, the North York Moors. Early Thursday maybe cutting Norfolk and near Berwick.

“The winter mix showers continued for a while on Thursday morning with a cold wind.

Brian Gaze of Weather Outlook has warned that temperatures could drop to as low as -7C in an area of ​​Scotland.

He told “Thursday is starting with a frost across much of the UK.

“In the Scottish valleys temperatures could be as low as -7 ° C, in parts of northern England -4 ° C is possible and even in parts of the south it will be close to freezing.

“Winter showers are likely in Scotland and near the east coast of England, but elsewhere they should be dry.

“Tomorrow evening (Thursday evening), epidemics of rain spread to the southeast and to the north, they could be preceded by a period of sleet or snow, especially on the heights.

“The cold snap is the result of the UK being sandwiched between high pressure in the west and low pressure in the east, allowing cold arctic air to sweep south .

“On Friday, the warmer air returns from the west and the temperatures are rising, but they are dropping again this weekend.”

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