UK weather: Britain set to experience heat wave next month as temperatures climb to 27C


26 April 2021, 07:41

The weather is expected to warm up next week.

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Mercury is expected to climb to 27C next month as lockdown restrictions are relaxed.

After a hot weekend for most of us there is more good weather on the way.

According to The Weather Outlook, a series of heat waves are expected in Britain in mid-May, while temperatures could reach around 27 ° C.

Mercury could even climb within 30 seconds as June approaches, with forecasters predicting a very hot summer to come.

Tim Dale, meteorologist for British Weather Services, said: “There will definitely be heat spikes as summer approaches, as I expect to see temperatures in the high 20s or even 30s. ° C.

UK could benefit from very hot weather next month

The UK could benefit from very hot weather next month.

Image: PA Images

Netweather’s long-term forecast also predicts that the start of May could be ‘very hot’, stating: ‘A thinner, possibly hotter interval may occur, mainly over England and the Country. of Wales.

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“A stormy breakdown is possible, before temperatures return to normal with showers, especially in the Northwest.

“A milder or warmer period, but somewhat unstable.”

European high pressure could even push “ subtropical ” heat towards the UK from 3 to Sunday 9 May.

The BBC’s monthly forecast says: “April appears to end on a more volatile note with scattered showers and light winds expected before drier weather develops in early May.

“At the beginning of May, our weather conditions will continue to be influenced by a large area of ​​high pressure, known as subtropical high pressure.

“As the warmer months of the year approach, this peak will get stronger and stronger and tend to be centered near the Azores, west of Spain and Portugal.

“This year we have exceptionally warm sea surface temperatures in the Atlantic, which have helped to reach this level earlier than normal.

“For the first week of May, the subtropical peak is expected to strengthen and push into western Europe, which will bring northwesterly winds for a while and help keep temperatures a little below average, at least in beginning of the week.

“As the high pressure system moves east towards mainland Europe, our cold northerly winds will be cut off and warmer Atlantic air will be able to infiltrate from the west.”

The Met Office adds that the period between Thursday April 29 and Saturday May 8 could be sunny but unstable, saying conditions will be “ largely dry and good ” with the possibility of light showers.

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