Weather in Northern Ireland: New record on maps as temperatures keep rising


Ballywatticock’s moment in the sun could only last a few days with a possibility that Northern Ireland’s temperature record could be broken again later this week.

Weather experts are forecasting temperatures in the low 30s for Wednesday and Thursday as the heatwave continues through the weekend.

The town near Newtownards recorded a high of 31.2C on Saturday – if verified, it will be the hottest on record in Northern Ireland.

The Met Office still treats the matter with caution given that the area was nearly three degrees higher than the weather stations surrounding it.

It is understood that they will send an expert to Northern Ireland later this week to investigate the Co Down weather station after providing the highest temperature in the whole of the UK on Saturday.

But with the high pressure causing high temperatures from the Azores set to stay put for the next few days, the hot sun wave shows no sign of going anywhere until early next week at the earliest.

In the BBC NI Weather Center, forecaster Barra Best said he would keep a close watch on thermometers over the next few days.

“Wednesday and Thursday are the days to watch if we are talking about records,” he said.

“We expect it to be around the 30 degree mark and that means in isolated areas there is a chance that the record will be broken again.”

Yesterday an extreme heat warning for parts of the UK was first issued by the Met Office.

The orange warning covers much of Wales, all of South West England and parts of southern and central England, and will be in place until Thursday evening.

Barra added: “We hear that the Met Office is issuing a weather warning for hot temperatures in Britain and that Met Eireann is considering something similar for Ireland.

“We are trapped by the high pressure and there is no wind to push it forward. But this has its drawbacks. Nighttime temperatures do not drop below 15 or 16 degrees and the next day begins to heat up. During the day this temperature rises again and this creates uncomfortable nights, with little breeze to cool things down.

“Anyone with breathing difficulties may find it difficult. And if you’re like me with typical Irish skin, it’s a factor of 50, and put on a hat or stay under a parasol. Some of us have to be a little more careful than others.

The surge in ice cream sales matches soaring temperatures, with salons reporting record sales and staff working around the clock to meet demand.

Ross Harkin of Rinkha in Islandmagee, County Antrim is one of those who put in the long hours to make sure the freezers stay stocked and yesterday afternoon he had just finished a new batch of ice cream with cherries and chocolate and started the new favorite, the strawberry cheesecake.

“We went all out. I don’t remember seeing anything like the number of people on the beaches at Brown’s Bay and Portmuck, ”he said.

“The roads to Portmuck had to be closed on weekends due to the number of people trying to get there for the day.

“Considering the year and a half we’ve had, it’s wonderful to see.

“The ice cream business always picks up when the sun is shining, and last week is just what we needed.

“I’m here until after midnight most nights to refresh everything. We are not yet sold out and I am determined not to.

“I know it’s gonna be a long week, with the sun set to last until next weekend, but from a business standpoint and from a fun standpoint, I don’t remember ever having anything seen from such. “

The company is now in its fourth generation and this year marks the 100th anniversary of its opening. And with temperatures matching those of popular hot spots like Faro and Cannes, Ross said the release of the lockdown associated with the good weather has resulted in a real surge in customer numbers.

“There are a lot of people who won’t be able to travel overseas this year due to travel restrictions and many don’t want to take the risk. Last week was perfect for them and for us.

“We’re going to stick with it for the rest of the week. We will be trying out different flavors to give it a little variety. Our traditional family vanilla recipe is still the favorite, but there have been a few more exotic flavors, like peaches and cream, mixed in there. There was a real beach toy spin-off for us too. I’m sure it’s the same in other seaside towns.

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